Users are starting to find that the session has finally gotten good enough for everyday use. Give it (another) try!

@codewiz, can one share the screen during calls? I couln'd find a solution for this last time and in the end, I gave up on Wayland.

@codewiz unfortunately external monitors were causing a cascade of crashes (10 apps crashing after each other) under Wayland on KDE. Hope it's ready soon

@simon I thought I recently saw a fix for monitor hot-plugging, and... boom!

"Merged the first of many upcoming multi-screen fixes, which should help with panels and desktops becoming mixed up when screens are removed and re-attached (Marco Martin, Plasma 5.24)"

That's great, been waiting on this in order to give KDE another shot at being my regular desktop driver!

@marathon Then wait for Plasma 5.23.5 (due for release on January 4th).

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