Admission: I've always found these Eigen-things in linear algebra very confusing... until I watched this:

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@codewiz He makes good content; unfortunately my mathematics interest died after calc II.

@sektor My interest in math also died around the time I dropped out of college, particularly this stuff that was taught only in abstract terms...

...but now I need basic control theory and linear algebra in my code, and suddenly it's become super fascinating! 🤩

@codewiz I think it was the graphing that drew me away in the end. I couldn't wrap my head around the revolution integrals, and the pictures seem to be quite intricate to represent in Braille fassion. My precalc professor had the awesome idea to use 3D printed graphs, which I think will win out in the end.

@sektor Not sure why US college math has this weird emphasis on graphing functions, actually. And I was very surprised when I found that all college students
have to buy those stupid calculators. So anachronistic! 😂

Italian calculus, on the other hand, was very heavy on definitions and proofs...

@codewiz I didn't get it either, but then again I never saw the practicality of anything past Calc II. But that is just me.

@sektor Yeah, i agree. Even quantum field theory seems to be within reach of calculus 2 (plus group theory and statistics?)

But people, please try to prove us wrong with counterexamples?

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