@codewiz, I love how most of the commenters assume that he's permanently switching to GNOME, they haven't watched the video, not even the first 2 minutes. 🤣

That's because of the misleading title.

@codewiz the video is too long. What's the tldr?

@Maryam, only watched 'bout half of it, but the gist of it goes something like this:

Person tries new thingy in their spare time, person likes parts of new thingy, person continues to use it in their spare time for the forseable future. Mainly because person already spent quite some time with new thingy, and besides that, person can "steal" some ideas.


@walter @Maryam That's admittedly a clickbaity title... but I still found it interesting because:

- Said Person (@veggero) is a long time KDE developer

- Unlike tribal and narrow-minded desktop devs, Person is making an serious effort to evaluate a competing product

- Person inevitably found some usability issues in the competing product, but maintained perspective and did also find many things that GNOME does better

- Person is setting an example for all open source developers to follow.

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