I'm testing installing Plasma Addons with Discover and I found 2 related bugs and one crash in the first 5 minutes 😅

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This is what happens when all us Linux nerds insist on doing everything from the command line, while actual desktop users don't know how to report bugs 🤦‍♂️

@codewiz, I don't even know how to install one, and I've been a fulltime KDE user since Ubuntu 10, or whichever was the last decent Ubuntu version before all the Unity and Mir crazyness. But then... I do run make build and manually copy one modified plugin, I never bothered with the UI installer.

@walter Well, I did bother... and it bothered me plenty! 😂

@codewiz, this is one of the problem with systems developed and maintained by geeks. If their use case works, they don't even bother checking other scenarios, that's why a proper team is needed. And I'm hoping that the Purism, System76, Pine64, Fairphone and all the other companies will fill in the gaps that are not covered by usual FLOSS contributors.

@walter To be fair to them, Canonical was the first serious effort to bring the Linux desktop to humans. And I think it was going reasonably well... until the giant Unity / MIR / Snap fiasco.

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