When I see release notes written like this, I worry that the code might have been written in the same manner 😰

I didn't know that my phone could be more fluent at taking pictures... I'm glad optimized it 😌

Seriously, these are the full release notes for a 4 GB system update. There's no mention of updating to Android 12 or merging OxygenOS with ColorOS, which most users hated

My next phone will definitely not be another , even if on paper their hardware seems great.

This is the equivalent screen for an OS update on a phone.

The page design makes it appear more professional than , but if you look closer, there are only 2 lines of release notes:
* Overall stability of functions improved.
* The security of your device has been improved.

The link also doesn't lead to more specific details:

And so, I'm installing 642MB of "improvements" on my phone without knowing what they do 😔

@codewiz Wait, OP6 is getting Android 12 with ColorOS?

BTW nowadays every smartphone have great hardware, quite powerful. Only the software sucks...

When my OP6 will be EOL'd I will flash Lineage or other... For a refresh untill hardware is getting too much older.


"only the software sucks"

You can delete bloatware using ADB.

I'm not sure if it's worth to pay more than 200 € for a new smartphone. The improvement of hardware is so fast, and some components (battery!) are aging quickly. Better to buy a cheap one every three years or so. You can use the old one as a backup.


@almn76 @benoit I would tend to agree with you, with one exception: I want to take good photos, but I don't want to carry a discrete camera everywhere.

Premium phones come with better sensors that can take photos in low light conditions and telephoto lenses. And they keep getting better rapidly.

@codewiz @almn76 Apple and Google showed us that the sensor or lens doesn't make better photos... It's all computational photography...
Well of course having a telephoto lens would produce sharper image than cropping/zooming a pic...

Sony have the largest sensor in a phone, but quality sucks because there are no algorithms. So you need to shoot RAW and edit later. That's what I am doing with my OP6 BTW. Lightroom make miracle.

@codewiz on pictures side, my OP6 was super slow to fire a shot. I removed my 20GB photos (synced on my desktop with SyncThing) and it is now fast again...

@codewiz Agree. Another bad practice is when they get so lazy that they just make jokes and say “we updated things, enjoy”. Because they know you aren’t going to stop using the app (YouTube for example).

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