I love Mordi's remixes of SIDs, mods and music.

Here's one of his top covers, Resolution. I particularly like the transition between the bridge back to the main theme at 1:38:

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The original SID was only 4154 bytes for 1m40s of great 6581 synth sound.

There's also an extended version: 3m43s of music in 5311 bytes.

The player is included, of course. In this case, it's the Laxity NewPlayer v21, which takes approximately 1900 bytes.

Turn on the scopes to see how it controls the 3 synth voices to generate the entire song, and check the Visuals subtabs to see it run.

When you'll realize that all .sid tunes are actually C64 programs running in the vblank interrupt, it will blow your mind. least, it *should* blow your mind, you insensitive, ignorant, lamer mp3-gen kids! :commodore:

@codewiz Also, if you ever tried to make SID music yourself you will wonder what type of black magic is needed to make it sound like those tunes. A lot of experience is needed to craft something nice.

It's so crazy that I can just copy and paste the URL into vlc and listen on my PHONE! 😅🖖🏼✌🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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