Why do people buy phones with 256GB or even 512GB of flash? Do they use them to backup their PC? They have nowhere to upload their photos and videos?

Please help me understand what you do with that extra storage that's being sold at 10x the real cost of flash, and needs some form of backup anyway. 🤔

@codewiz I travel a lot and have a pretty large library of O’Reilly books and videos and Spotify music downloaded. Have 100GB of my 256GB phone free. Recoding 4K video takes a ton of space, too

@atlas_core My ears are so lossy, that I can't tell the difference between FLAC and 128 mbit OGG or AAC. I have good bluetooth headphones now, and that makes a very noticeable difference to me.

its useful if you are using your phone as a primary or backup camera for photography or video.

a high end phone camera often is the next best thing if you cannot afford a dslr or a mirrorless (on top of a cheaper phone), and is a portable alternative even if you can.

@codewiz so I've got ~160GB of used data on my phone, predominance is media I've taken. Yes it gets backed up multiple ways already, but N+1 copies is always better, also why waste data costs fetching something from the cloud? Audio storage for driving too.

Honestly I don't understand how folks with 128GB phones genuinely manage and I'd rather see 512GB of storage on a phone be more normal. Also remembering that phones could be a persons only compute device.

@codewiz It's like 2/3 for people that don't transfer their photos off their phone. The last third just wants music on their phone and not waste their limited mobile traffic while on the go.

@codewiz I'm an android user with a Pixel 4a, but if I was an iPhone user I would want as much storage as possible since iCloud is a sync service, not a backup service.

@codewiz I guess depends on the use case? I mean for me I get the smallest size possible as I am very unlikely to need it. But I think if I listen to more music or was big on taking photos I may consider it more.

@codewiz mine is mostly music, games and sometimes I'll download things from Netflix/YouTube to watch later

1. Operation system goes bigger, as well as bloatwares. Android 2.3 is less than 1GB, while Android 10 becomes 5-10 times larger. More storage is needed to house them all. Maybe a few people are indeed happy with iPhone of 16G still.

2. Modern phones takes more roles than ever. They are cameras, music/video players, game consoles and more. It costs more storage than that of a simple voice communication device.

3. Data on cloud is never yours - 1/2

@Dashtop @darkangel0224 Right. I wish there was a photos app that does that transparently.

@codewiz I despise cloud's just someone else's computer...someone I don't know and thus don't trust. As for backups, I use my own systems, like CalDav for contacts, IMAP for email, and photos are just drag 'n' drop to my NAS. Plus, I put lots of videos/music on my phone in mp4/mp3 format so 1) I don't have to waste bandwidth streaming, 2) readily available even without signal, and 3) it's cost to purchase/rent. FOSS VLC and I'm good.

@codewiz i am confused about this too. I have my photos auto upload to nextcloud every night. I'm surprised i have 19 gb of apps.

@codewiz reading most of these responses, i think in asia internet data is so cheap so we just stream everything.
I get 12 gb of data a month for $10 USD.

@e88 @codewiz you are being scammed! 6$/30GB/month here, 3.5G ish speed

@codewiz Apps, more apps, and even more apps. :blobcatfacepalm: At this point, my usage is more apps and photos than anything else. I *really* need to clear off those apps I’ve only used once.

@codewiz I’m actually afraid to look at my usage …

@codewiz I was wrong. It’s even worse than I thought. It’s all apps. /sigh

@fyrfli oh wow, iOS is small compared to Android!

@Dashtop @fyrfli I'm totally serious! On my phone, the Android 12 + Samsung bloatware takes 23GB, while that grey area for iOS appears to be below 10GB.

@codewiz @Dashtop @fyrfli you can remove Samsung bloat by using uninstall updates followed by disable. They mostly revert to 4kb stubs.

@codewiz @fyrfli oh I didn't realize system was placed in second and not first. That is amazingly small :o

@codewiz My internal storage looks the same 😂

Well, I think 256 GB would be reasonable if the device costs less than 300 € (yes, there are some available):

- storage for photos and videos

- watching movies and documentaries when you are travelling

- backup for personal data

@codewiz got it free with the model I wanted (10x zoom Huawei). Using 128gb currently. 60gb is Termux with random dev projects. Planning to use an extra 200gb ish for a full local copy of my photo collection (ongoing project to transition away from buggy M$ projects is blocking this). Remaining space will be for offline FLAC cache.

@lypanov Huawei phones have not been selling in the US since 2019 on vague accusations of espionage.

Since they can't do business with any US company, which app store do they use? And how does Android look overall?

@codewiz built-in store is pretty much useless. I use two methods. One: gspace, a app in which you can install full google api needing apps. I have a few apps there (bike rental, local supermarket, Google maps for it's superb transit coverage, Economist). Two: Rest of the phone is either Aurora which is a Google play store "front". And fdroid for anything open.

My next phone will be a Samsung. It's simply too painful to not have googles notification services.

The US ban may have been to prevent China becoming a serious competitor in the area of silicon (Huawei was at the forefront for a while). But the move has pushed China for full independence. The US will loose badly in the long term.

@lypanov Yes, I also thought that wasn't such a good move for the United States.

By the way, guess who was the brilliant strategist who declared war to Huawei and Chaina? 😂

@codewiz because the apps and system take up a cumulative 90% of what keeps taking up your space

@codewiz i do upload my photos and videos, but why would i want to delete it? Also, my device is used offline half of the time and osmand maps take some space.

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