The Everyday Astronaut interviewed Elon Musk 9 months ago and asked him a question that resulted in a significant improvement in the design of .

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Here's the new interview. They discuss the removal of the cold gas reaction control system in the first 10 minutes:

This is even more significant considering that neither Elon Musk nor Tim Dodd (The Everyday Astronaut) are engineers by training. They're simply critical thinkers who question conventional solutions.

They're often wrong, but sometimes they're not.

Tim Dodd was previously a wedding photographer and a motorcycle mechanic. He became a successful YouTuber while pursuing his passion for space.

@codewiz Yes, but I just can't take my eyes off that HUGE crane; there's a video about that somewhere.

@penguin42 That's not the HUGEST Frankencrane that was used to built the launch tower:

Frankenzilla has been disassembled and replaced by SpaceX's own crane (another Liebherr LR11350, I believe).

Look at the size of the operator's cabin for scale 🤯


@codewiz Yeh when they got their own crane I got lost in Liebherr's website and youtube for a while 😃

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