The Everyday Astronaut interviewed Elon Musk 9 months ago and asked him a question that resulted in a significant improvement in the design of .

Here's the new interview. They discuss the removal of the cold gas reaction control system in the first 10 minutes:

@codewiz Yes, but I just can't take my eyes off that HUGE crane; there's a video about that somewhere.


@penguin42 That's not the HUGEST Frankencrane that was used to built the launch tower:

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Frankenzilla has been disassembled and replaced by SpaceX's own crane (another Liebherr LR11350, I believe).

Look at the size of the operator's cabin for scale 🤯


@codewiz Yeh when they got their own crane I got lost in Liebherr's website and youtube for a while 😃

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