When I see release notes written like this, I worry that the code might have been written in the same manner 😰

I didn't know that my phone could be more fluent at taking pictures... I'm glad optimized it 😌

Seriously, these are the full release notes for a 4 GB system update. There's no mention of updating to Android 12 or merging OxygenOS with ColorOS, which most users hated

My next phone will definitely not be another , even if on paper their hardware seems great.


This is the equivalent screen for an OS update on a phone.

The page design makes it appear more professional than , but if you look closer, there are only 2 lines of release notes:
* Overall stability of functions improved.
* The security of your device has been improved.

The link also doesn't lead to more specific details:

And so, I'm installing 642MB of "improvements" on my phone without knowing what they do 😔

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