After delivering the genetic data to a nearby orbital station, I was awarded the rank of "Mostly Directionless" in exobiology 😅

I have a long way to go to reach the rank of Elite Exobiologist, and it seems like a huge grind...

...but still better than walking into settlements and shooting people in the face to steal their stuff so you can go upgrade your weapons and kill people faster.

This is pretty much the core gameplay of Odyssey 😞

All right, they also revamped the planetary generation system and added a few new planet types, including this peanut butter jelly planet I just landed on.

And this one which I have never seen in game (stock photo from r/EliteDangerous).

This one apparently has two very distinct colors because it's tidally locked to its star.

Not to mention all the planets with a thin atmosphere that creates stunning alien sunsets 🌈

I guess I don't have to play the grinding game. I don't care about credits, medals and ranks.

I just want to explore the galaxy and photograph the most spectacular places I land on.

I seriously hope someone at Frontier Development reads this article and takes E:D in new directions.

A galaxy with 400 million stars is too beautiful to leave it so empty.

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