They have all sorts of Harleys and other huge bikes, but I'm looking for something small and agile... I'm still very much a novice rider 😅

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So this is the bike I'm renting: Yamaha R3.

...but obviously I'm not racing on a track. Just driving slowly and carefully on secondary roads.

I'm practicing for tomorrow's drive test at the DMV.

Will one day of practice suffice? I'm still having trouble with the gears 😅

I'm practicing turns on the twisty coastal roads of the Palos Verdes peninsula.

Taking a break at a scenic viewpoint...

...and to take off the black Harley jacket 🥵

There's no shortage of scenic cliffs around here...

View of Long Beach from atop the hills of the Forrestal Nature Reserve.

I parked the bike at a dead-end road and hiked up "vista trail", hoping it would lead me to a scenic view and... indeed! 🤩

Looking towards Inspiration Point (the cliff in the foreground) and the Long Point peninsula with Marineland in the back.

@codewiz What's the meaning of Google colors around your avatar? I don't have this on my Maps.

@benoit It means I'm paying Google $30 a year for 200GB of storage and a few perks.

But the next tier is a lot more expensive: $10 per month or $100 per year.

Why can't I buy 400GB for $60?? 😒


@codewiz @benoit I would never trust Google to randomly just block me out of my account and never let me in again.

@comrad @benoit Indeed, they have done that in the past. They should be legally required to give a precise reason.

@comrad @benoit But it's not like the other cloud storage providers behave any better... what alternatives do we have?

I have my own servers, but most users don't want to build and maintain all the infrastructure. Not to mention security and reliability...

@codewiz @benoit well I would always go for an local backup. Or an backup on a different company's cloud.

@codewiz @comrad I use Syncthing to sync mainly my pictures on my phone to my Desktop (HDD + another HDD backup + backup).

@codewiz @comrad But agreed, Syncthing only is not easy to use for non tech-savvy people...

@benoit @comrad I use it too, and it's great between laptops, desktops and servers... but I never tried it on Android, where I only have a small local cache of all my photos.

@codewiz Braking and parking lot maneuvers are what you’ll be tested on.

@greypilgrim And also riding slowly on a loop and swing around cones... I'll practice later in the evening.

@codewiz You could always build yourself one that gives you confidence in repairing it

@codewiz CT90 and CT110 Hondas most produced next to the CL70/ 90 in the world market
Very popular in the the Asian market's and street mods are within 500 to 1200
A non running CT90 with a title range in 300 to a 1000
You find the after market lafin engine that bolts right in with little modification

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