They have all sorts of Harleys and other huge bikes, but I'm looking for something small and agile... I'm still very much a novice rider 😅

So this is the bike I'm renting: Yamaha R3.

...but obviously I'm not racing on a track. Just driving slowly and carefully on secondary roads.

I'm practicing for tomorrow's drive test at the DMV.

Will one day of practice suffice? I'm still having trouble with the gears 😅

I'm practicing turns on the twisty coastal roads of the Palos Verdes peninsula.

Taking a break at a scenic viewpoint...

...and to take off the black Harley jacket 🥵

There's no shortage of scenic cliffs around here...


View of Long Beach from atop the hills of the Forrestal Nature Reserve.

I parked the bike at a dead-end road and hiked up "vista trail", hoping it would lead me to a scenic view and... indeed! 🤩

Looking towards Inspiration Point (the cliff in the foreground) and the Long Point peninsula with Marineland in the back.

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