If the Department of Defense spent most of its budget on actual defense, I'd be all in favor of giving them all the money they need.

Intercepting nuclear warheads before they hit a city is so difficult, but it might save millions of human lives one day not too far away 😰

Ideally, the nuclear arms race would reach a point where launching hundreds of ICBMs is ineffective because they'd all be destroyed in flight before hitting their targets. 🚀

Cynically, this is the only scenario in which disarmament is ever likely to happen. 🌈

The world's leaders are _not_ going to give up their nukes for peace and love. ✌❤

Truly sorry for ruining everybody's Monday with such negative thoughts... Here, let's play a fun game!

@codewiz Which game is this? I've played it before, but I don't remember what it's called.

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