@codewiz do you rememer Mechander? 😁 The worst mecha serie, not for the robit/story but for the low budget production. Pity it could have been a good product Imho...

@KinmenRisingProject The big fat mecha that looked a bit like a pelican? Yeah.

@KinmenRisingProject No wait... I'm probably confusing it with some other mecha of the same era.

By the way, Bokurano is a lesser known short anime series from 2004 in which mecha are enormous and move very slowly, making mechanical noises like cranes:


It's by the same director and same writer of Tekkaman.

Do you see some resemblance between Godam and Pegas?


@codewiz TEKKAMAN ROCKS!!! I like that very much. I watch it again and again. Andro Umeda always makes me laugh. His name is already funny. I remember when I was a kid I found Pegas a bit ugly but at that time I couldn't watch it on TV, no such anime where I lived. Only at home @relatives in other regions.

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