Saw this in real life in rural Japan.
It reminded me of Non Non Biyori.

I'm watching Deaimon, and while the story so far hasn't been particularly interesting, I love how it portraits Kyoto and all the cultural details.

"Iyashi (็™’ใ—) means healing, and the term "iyashikei" refers to and that "heal" the audience by instilling a calming feeling or evoking emotional carthasis. Almost always, Iyashikei stories have peaceful, somewhat mundane, and nostalgic atmospheres. The settings are idyllic with little or no conflict, and the narratives focus on personal reflection, heartwarming moments, a vague sense of melancholy, and/or an appreciation for the small things in life."

4. Paripi Koumei is my favorite so far: a legendary Three Kingdoms general reincarnates and becomes the agent of a young singer on the glamorous Tokyo party scene!

I've never been very interested in this musical genre and the culture around it, but the plot is very original and flows well.

Several familiar locations, including Shibuya (where I worked), Roppongi (near my home) and Harajuku (one of my favorite weekend walks).

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3. Deaimon is set in Kyoto and follows a family-run store of Japanese traditional confectionery (wagashi) ๐Ÿ˜‹

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2. Summertime Render is a more intriguing supernatural mystery set in a small town on an island. ๐Ÿค”

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These are the series I've been sampling so far:

1. The most popular series is Spy x Family. It's cute and well animated, but I'm already starting to get bored after only 3 episodes ๐Ÿฅฑ

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After some chit chat, the brilliant strategist persuades the reluctant rapper to return to the party scene:

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A retired j-pop rapper with chronic stomach pain walks into the trap of a retired Three Kingdoms general...

Slice-of-life makes me realize how much I miss Japan...

Scene from Teasing Master Takagi-san (ใ‹ใ‚‰ใ‹ใ„ไธŠๆ‰‹ใฎ้ซ˜ๆœจใ•ใ‚“): Nishikata tries to drop the -san honorific to "intimidate" Takagi-san, but...

This third season of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (Teasing master Takagi-san) is getting seriously embarrassing for Nishikata! ๐Ÿคญ

To conclude, I found a more complete retrospective of vintage car racing :

I remember watching Speed Racer, but not liking it due to its 1960's animation style. I heard it was very popular in the USA.

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Maybe they suddenly ran out of money in the middle of the episode and rushed a happy ending? ๐Ÿค”

Anyway, I found where they discuss adding even more wheels to the car: it's episode 16, but I could only find it in low quality and dubbed in Spanish.

Dammit, someone should seriously archive rare vintage before they are lost forever!

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Getting back to car racing , Grand Prix is the least unrealistic series of the 70s, and also the most tragic.

After surviving a serious accident, Takaya Todoroki is persuaded to return to racing by Niki Lauda, who's been disfigured when his car caught fire.

But after overcoming his fears... he keeps on losing race after race! Usually it's just bad luck, sometimes the ghosts of the past. Sometimes running over the woman he loves. Takaya is really *really* unlucky!

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By the way, chou (super) and gattai (combination, union) are recurring words in .

For example, "Chou-Muteki Gattai" (่ถ…็„กๆ•ตๅˆไฝ“) means "super invincible union":

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A far more improbable racing was Chou Supercar Gattiger, in which 5 cars would get into formation and combine (gattai) into a vehicle too big for any Japanese road. For some reason, they *had* to combine in each episode, or else the toys wouldn't sell.

You can safely skip it.

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I couldn't find the original series, but I clearly remember one episode in which Ken tests a prototype with triple jet engines.

This dangerous design costed the life of his father when the engines became unstable after reaching a particular speed.

But Ken pushes the car to the limit anyway... and as the engines start blowing red flames, he figures out that releasing the gas will cause the engine to explode... so he pushes the pedal and... WHAM! Stable blue flames!

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