Now I know all the kanji to spell 飛来骨 (hiraikotsu)!

飛 = fly
来 = come
骨 = skeleton (frame)

Finally found the time to watch "A Whisker Away" (泣きたい私は猫をかぶる), and it's quite good!

This week's seminar on 未来少年コナン focuses on Jimsy.

At 7:20, he pulls out an amazing book with a map of Industria's underground residential area, including the scary Core Block 😨

Pro tip: install the Yomichan extension to hover on the subs and get an instant word translation.

Rick & Morty anime directed by ‘Tower of God’ director, Takashi Sano.

I only have one more episode to watch... let's hope it doesn't have an open ending for season 2...

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@tchx84 I'm halfway through 7 Seeds. It's not bad, but I can't help the sense of dejavu... like it's a clone of Lost and other series that keep making up shit to keep you watching.

I could totally imagine 3 robots take off from these steel gates and then transform into an even bigger robot...

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Today's destination is the Old Iwabuchi Watergate (旧岩淵水門) along the Arakawa River (荒川).

Looks like the base of a 1970's robot series.

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Finally I learnt "守", the kanji meaning "protect". As a verb, it's 守る (mamoru), as is often heard in anime songs.

Finally I know how to write "protect my balls" (金玉を守って) 😂

I started watching 7 Seeds. It's vaguely reminiscent of Lost: desert island with mysteries and group dynamic among complete strangers trying to survive.

@tagomago Today OTAKING is raving about the camera work in the episode about the salvage ship:

Watching latest episode of 's deconstruction with subs:

New words I learnt:
顔芸 = kaogei = funny faces
展開 = tenkai = development
願望 = ganbou = desire
エロいシーン = eroshiin = erotic scene
笑顔で迎える = egao de mukaeru = welcome with a smile
水明 = suimei = light shimmering through water
瞬間 = shunkan = moment

Whenever Lana's white underskirt is slightly exposed, gets waaay too excited 😒

Just finished watching Kami no Tou (Tower of God). Not bad, I liked the season finale.

Watching 天気の子 (Weathering with You, literally "child of weather") with this excellent English strong ale.

started to kick ass around episodes 5, with the introduction of the dystopian military bureaucracy of Industria, which is desperately extracting energy from plastic to power its machines and continue production.

If you have no time for the entire series, watch this amazing scene:

@tagomago @ilwoody

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@tagomago I don't know if you can grok the crude animation from 1978, but Conan is a real masterpiece.

I heard that Miyazaki angered NHK by spending the entire budget of the series to produce the first episode, and then taking too long to produce the following episodes, forcing NHK to air filler content! 😅

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Also note how, after becoming friends, Conan and Jimsy retrieve the arc and the spear from behind the tree, where they had fallen several scenes before.

It's just a a few frames at the end of the scene, but it shows how much care Miyazaki puts into his storyboards.


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