wow, is already shipping updates for Plasma 5.17.5, which was released yesterday 👏

The devs seem amazingly organized and focused, which is what you'd expect from experienced engineers evolving a huge C++ codebase.

Frameworks releases don't get a lot of attention, not being an end-user product, but a lot of work goes into maintaining and improving these libraries. Just check the release notes...

I'm primarily using on both Arch and Rawhide, and they're pretty much equivalent, with Arch updating packages almost the same day of the upstream release, and Fedora lagging a few days behind.

For instance, I already got 5.17.4 yesterday on my Arch box, while the packages are still pending in Koji for Fedora.

is looking for an experienced project manager to help drive the 2020 goals to completion.

After years of Terminator and months of Tilix, Konsole 19.08 has become my default terminal program for coding.

Thank you for the great tiling support, devs! @kde

is tragically outdated in . Even Debian unstable is still stuck at 5.14, lagging two releases behind all the other distros.
Are there unresolved packaging issues, or is this WAI?

I've been testing rawhide on my laptop for a few months now, and it's been stable and usable for the entire time (though I'm using instead of Gnome).

Please, can we also ditch Bugzilla and use the GitLab bug tracker instead?

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