And after a quick reboot, ladies and gentlemen... 🥁

37 Prerelease

ta-da! 🎉

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It's ironic that Fedora 37 Beta on track... with the main package of 3 having broken deps!

UPDATE: turns out that was caused by the gnome-screensaver package, which hasn't been updated nor rebuilt since Fedora 32.

Was the screensaver deprecated due to some idiosyncrasy? Is the screensaver hard-coded into gnome-shell now?

I don't care, I use :kde:

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My least favorite proposal is "Making the official KDE distro".

Maintaining a fork of Ubuntu LTS with newer KDE packages seems like a big distraction for the KDE community. They should either work with to deliver the latest Plasma desktop directly there, or pick another *existing* distro that's willing to ship up-to-date Plasma packages (Fedora? Arch? Pop!_OS?).

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My desktop works flawlessly on this new hardware 👍

Migrating to the Lemur Pro could have been a 15-minutes operation to swap the hard drive. It took me 2 days to give some well deserved coverage.

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2 years passed, and we still don't have HDR color support in any compositors 😞

Come on, & ! Who will do it first?

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But I turn to the booth and start a conversation with Ben Cotton and Neil Gompa on , .and all that.

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Total build time: 29 minutes. Not bad!

I disabled building Qt 5 from sources because the system version is fine.

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Perhaps should coalesce most of its frameworks into a monolithic repo.

Distros can continue packaging the resulting libs into a gazillion separate modules, if they want to (but don't see the point, given that most kf5 libs are required by the core desktop anyway).

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Compiling from sources on a 20-core i7-12700F results in a lot of idle cpu time due to single-threaded tasks: git pull, cmake, make install... 😕

"Ilya Pominov has added a feature to Gwenview 22.08 that lets you mark up and annotate images using the same annotation UI that’s in Spectacle!"

This is fantastic, but can we have it also in Okular please?

Tons of bugfixes for the Kdenlive video editor in this point release of Gear:

Perhaps it's time to give it another try...

I'm going back home to try the beta of 5.25 :kde:

I'm excited for all the new features, but I'm even more excited for all Wayland bugfixes and improvements. Thank you for always prioritizing stability and usability! 👍

Nowadays, lots of brave users have switched to , even on .

The top remaining concerns seem to be with with GPUs (just don't by them) and screen sharing (not sure why isn't working for them).

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