It's the first time I see Robin from 8-bit Show And Tell.

His You Tube channel portraits only his eloquent right hand ✋

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Group photo of all my 8-bit heroes at Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 2022.

Top YouTube comment:
"It's a great song to listen while typing in programs in a C64 from old computer magazines, because it both calms you down and gets you focused ;)"

Also on SoundCloud:

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In this "8-bit Show and Tell" episode, Robin explains the minimalistic demo NONMONOCHROME, which is only 6-bytes long.

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And here's the Turbo Imploder V4.0 version, along with a demonstration of AmigaOS's preemptive multitasking and Intuition's jaw-dropping sliding screens! 😲

Plus, version 4 had a much catchier Save File tune (seek to 4:05):

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FOUND! Look for the v-scopes turn into progress bars for the Turbo Imploder crunching algorithm... and enjoy the Save File bonus tune at the end!

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A tour of AROS, a full open-source rewrite of AmigaOS. It runs on regular PCs as well as other hardware and comes with many new and old applications.

Robin is an amazing teacher. I wish I had his videos when I was 10 and struggling to understand these mysterious POKEs.

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