Perhaps Vulkano is the 3D rendering API I'm looking for. Too bad it won't be portable to browsers (since WebGPU ended up being different from Vulkan).

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What's the state of 3D graphics for ? There are many abandoned projects (glium, gfx...) along with the not-yet-ready wgpu framework and many thin wrappers around non-portable APIs (DirectX and Metal), the very low-level Vulkan or the deprecated OpenGL.

Kids, don't waste your time learning C++ exceptions... Learn good error-handling patterns from and and apply them to your production code!

Yes, you too @srevinsaju!

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I'm chipping in $1 per month to thank Matt Godbolt for the invaluable compiler explorer:

I copy-pasted most of the config, and when it breaks I'm not quite sure how to debug it.

In fact, it's not working right now. If I open a Rust project and start typing, I get plenty of useless snippets instead of the semantic completion. I see rust-analyzer running and eating CPU time... I even see inline errors... so why?

Why do I have to learn before I can code in ?

WHYYYY?!?! 😩

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Do we have completion yet? Not so fast!

You see, has builtin completion, but what you really want for programming is *autocompletion*, which requires an external plugin:

It says nvim-cmp is the recommended plugin, so it will be easy to integrate, right?

Easy peasy! My nvim-cmp configuration is only... 73 lines of config!

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I tried 's ssh client with multiplexing, and it's awesome.

Now you can have local terminal splits and tabs for the same remote session, without the messy, high-latency interposition of tmux or screen.

Plus, it's written in !

wow, the author of bashtop is getting more pro with every rewrite: Bash -> Python -> C++:

The next stage of evolution will presumably be ? 🤔

I just discovered wezterm, a terminal emulator with splits and sixels support... and it's written in Rust! 🤩

I'm more excited about the upcoming Rust talk than the C++20 one that just finished... but honestly it's going to be a much harder migration path 😕

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