launches three Falcon 9 rockets in 36 hours

Our childhood's sci-fi dreams are starting to come true, and I can't believe it 🤩

Unfortunately, it was very foggy around the pad, but we saw the vehicle climb in the sky and then the booster return. Then we heard the sonic boom loud and clear.

Here's the official stream:

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I arrived at Providence Landing Park at 6am to view today's Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg.
(stock photo)

This is even more significant considering that neither Elon Musk nor Tim Dodd (The Everyday Astronaut) are engineers by training. They're simply critical thinkers who question conventional solutions.

They're often wrong, but sometimes they're not.

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Here's the new interview. They discuss the removal of the cold gas reaction control system in the first 10 minutes:

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The Everyday Astronaut interviewed Elon Musk 9 months ago and asked him a question that resulted in a significant improvement in the design of .

CRS stands for Commercial Resupply Service. It's a NASA program with contracts awarded to and Northrop Grumman to deliver cargo and supplies to the International Space Station.

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They're totally undeserved, because none of my code flew on the Dragon, but I'm still very proud of what we have accomplished in these 6 months.

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Scott Manley: "LabPadre had some great cameras that got some fantastic upskirts... err... you know, well... err... some shots up... you know what I mean, right?" 🦶😬

Now I can watch them with more telemetry, and higher stakes. The next time a Starship craters on the landing pad, it could be due to a bug in my firmware. Finally, my work will have a big... impact! 💥

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It won't come as a surprise to those who know me well: for years, I've been watching countless Falcon 9 launches and Starship test flights as if they were some sort of sporting event.


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Today was my first day at . where I will develop avionics firmware for and other vehicles. 🚀

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