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Now I can watch them with more telemetry, and higher stakes. The next time a Starship craters on the landing pad, it could be due to a bug in my firmware. Finally, my work will have a big... impact! 💥

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It won't come as a surprise to those who know me well: for years, I've been watching countless Falcon 9 launches and Starship test flights as if they were some sort of sporting event.


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Today was my first day at . where I will develop avionics firmware for and other vehicles. 🚀

Can't wait to see BN4 sitting on the orbital pad with SN20 stacked on top! 🤩

5. And then the final step is Automate.

Now, I have personally made the mistake of going backwards on all 5 steps [...] Yes, multiple times, on Model 3.

That is: I automated, accelerated, simplified, and then deleted. [but did he forget to question the requirements after deleting the part?]

This starts at 22:00 into the interview, and it's worth listening to even with the incessant beeping of the construction cranes in the background.

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4b. Accelerate cycle time: you're moving too slowly. Go faster!

But don't go faster until you worked on the other three things first!

If you're digging in your grave, don't dig it faster. Stop digging your grave!

So... but... it's... you can always make me ...$?#@... faster!

[he literally said that last sentence too fast for it to be discernible! 😂]

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3. Whatever requirement or constraint you have, it must come with a name, not a department. Because you can't ask the departments, you have to ask a person

[...] otherwise you could have a requirement that basically an intern 2 years ago randomly came up with off the cuff... and they're not even at the company any more... but it came from the, let's say, Air Flow Department!

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2. Then, try to delete the part or process.

The bias tends to be very strongly in favor of adding parts in case we need them... but you can basically make "in case" arguments for so many things! [...]

So, you gotta delete the parts or process steps that you don't need.

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At 13:13 into the video, he mumbles:

"W-what I'm trying... I have a solve this... err... implement rigorously is this sort of 5 step process:

1. Your requirements are definitely dumb: everyone's wrong, no matter who they are [...] So try to make your requirements less dumb."

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Felix predicts that we'll see the first orbital flight on August 6th... which coincides with my birthday:

Come on, Elon, let me watch the operations from the control room in Boca Chica!

Hopefully, soon we'll have a whole fleet of Starships rolling out of the production facility.

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was moved out of the High Bay and parked next to , offering a rare view of twin Starships.

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Yesterday the road to Boca Chica was open, and I was able to walk around the launch facility:

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