I stopped by a restaurant and ordered the ヘルシーセットミニデザート (healthy set mini dessert).

And they gave me all this stuff! 🤩

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The entrée is a spaghetti (not due to butter, but they could also make it without it).

The sausage-looking rings are actually slices of pink cherie potato. The other veggies are yuzu (a citrus), scallion and celery (I think). Topped with nori flakes.

Gourmet food like this is uncommon in izakayas. I think I'll come again tomorrow 😋

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The second dish is a salad. But what a salad!

The base is purée, and the veggies sticking out are purple potato, green beans and of course pumpkins for Halloween. I couldn't identify the white stuff, probably daikon?

Anyway, it's crunchy, colorful and fun to eat 😋

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I'm at a friendly izakaya in Toyama. This is an お通し (otōshi), an obligatory appetizer served to all customers. This particular one costs ¥200 and is made with zucchini, mushrooms, sesame seeds, soy sauce and probably other ingredients I did not understand. The server said it's a Korean recipe.

And this is the monster I got served. Holy cow! 😨

(good thing I had just 3 plums and one eclair for lunch)

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I'm having dinner at The Vegetarian Butcher in Toshima City (豊島区, which actually means Toshima Ward, so I'm a bit confused).

What shall I get? I think I'll go with the Holy Cow burger 🍔😋🍴

buddha bowl with falafel and coffee, ¥1600.

Buddha would probably object that it's too fancy, but I don't mind 😋

Fusion bento in the Japanese garden, with sunshine 🍱😊🌄

The nice lady at the bar talked me into trying 岩海苔ずし (iwanori zushi), rock seaweed sushi.

I quickly looked it up, and this description convinced me to go ahead and order:
"Iwanori is much more aromatic than nori. I would almost say that it's the veal of nori. It's greener and falls apart in your mouth quicker." 😋

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Next up, うみかぜ椎茸 (Umikaze Shiitake), another 名物 (famous product) of 八丈島 (Hachijō-jima). 😋


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Ashitaba is a famous local product (名物) of Hachijō-jima.
They said it has a pungent smell and taste, but it tastes just like any regular green-leaf plant to me. It's packed with antioxidants.


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I don't quite remember if you were , vegan-curious or neither... but I'd recommend this minced faux meat even to those who want to limit red meat in their diet.

I left it in the freezer for weeks because I wasn't quite sure how to use it...

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ragu made from minced "meat", olive oil and tomato sauce.

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I discovered an amazing minced meat in the frozen foods aisle of National Azabu.

If you sear it slightly in a pan with olive oil and add tomato sauce, it makes a convincing Italian ragu! 😋

Today's dinner: falafel, hummus, carrots and cucumber 😋

Remove the diced cheese to make it 😉

Et voilà, my Mediterranean plate!

Green peas with garlic and olive oil, hummus with olive oil and paprika spread over Tuscan whole wheat bread 😋

Finally! I found a supermarket in which sells frozen falafel, hummus, tahini and pita 🥰

The food wasn't bad either... 😋
...except, I hate konnyaku 🤢

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gyoza gyoza gyoza
gyoza gyoza gyoza
gyoza gyoza gyoza

gyoza! 😋

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