They didn't have any Kinton, but I will come back to try the others...

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Hmm... mediterranean plate 😋

(and , except for the butter which came with the bread)

There's only one option, but I love tantanmen 😋

Let's hope the product is just as shown in the picture...

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paleo? Now it's a thing.

I don't share the core beliefs of the paleo diet, but reducing carbs is probably good for most people.

The founder of all these upscale places is a celebrity chef who published a dozen cookbooks 😯
@nicocesar @srevinsaju

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Turns out it's a ring of restaurants with presence in various cities around the world:

@nicocesar including Boston!
@srevinsaju and Bahrain! 🇧🇭

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Mom: "now it should be ready. Add the parmesan and serve it. And remember to turn off the gas!"

(still up to this point)

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I think Impossible Meat tastes better than Beyond Meat, but I should A/B test them to be sure.

Even if you don't care about how farm animal are being treated, isn't it cool to see the advancements of food tech?

We still have to rely on plants to synthesize all the nutrients that go into vegan meat, but cutting off animals from the human food chain is a *huge* optimization. Perhaps 5x more efficient. It will be crucial when we must feed 12B humans.

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Beyond Burger with contorno of Tuscan-style peas (cooked in olive oil, garlic and black pepper).

The second side is kale with vegan feta cheese and lemon juice (but for a proper Tuscan dish I should have used rucola instead).

Also, the burger should have been "al sangue" (rare). That's how most people like their steak in Florence.

White miso soup with enoki mushrooms, wakame (seaweed), negi (scallion) and tofu 😋

The plant based whopper is the cheapest meal! 😯

Has Impossible Meat finally figured out how to scale production?

Affordable meat is a reality!

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Burger King's veggie burgers have arrived in Bangkok! I wanna try it out...
*and* !

The park serves delicious food for volunteers, guides and visitors 😋

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How to Lower the Price of Plant-Based Meat

My thoughts: plant-based meat is still 2x more expensive than beef and 4x more expensive than chicken... but getting cheaper and growing in distribution across America, Europe and Asia.

Even if you're not vegetarian, please consider eating plant-based meat for its lower environmental impact. Choosing vegetarian food sometimes is still better than doing nothing.

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