I'm thinking of buying one to replace my current Thinkpad X1.

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@globalc Hopefully it won't suck like sequels often do 🙂

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Tokyo: government offices shutting off lights between 4-5pm
Germany: gets not even a speed limit for cars done..

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So this is Patmos, the island where the Book of Revelation was written ~2000 years ago.

@penguin42 5 years ago, I also made the mistake of learning Rust while learning modern OpenGL and learning Rusty's GL wrapper glium, from the same author of Vulkano. I guess this time it will be easier 😆

Perhaps Vulkano is the 3D rendering API I'm looking for. Too bad it won't be portable to browsers (since WebGPU ended up being different from Vulkan).


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What's the state of 3D graphics for ? There are many abandoned projects (glium, gfx...) along with the not-yet-ready wgpu framework and many thin wrappers around non-portable APIs (DirectX and Metal), the very low-level Vulkan or the deprecated OpenGL.


@tsturm @penguin42 I love it when the boosters are all covered in sooth from previous landings! I wonder if starships will remain shiny with methane.

@al1r4d Free as in "No Significant Regressions in Disk Throughput, Power Usage or Application Benchmarks" :thinking_rms:

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