@xerz @koyu quite frankly, I end up disabling SElinux as soon as something breaks due to it, which doesn't take too long.

Disabling it with selinux=0 in /etc/default/grub isn't any harder... just a little more annoying because you also need to regenerate grub.cfg afterwards.

@PorkCow We're counting 32M confirmed cases with 1M deaths globally:

From the official data, we can calculate a 3.1% mortality. Sure, there are other ways to count, but whoever gave you the 0.02% figure is trying to mislead you.

@PorkCow If you already had , confirmed by a cheap antibody test, then you're (probably) immune. It sucks that people in the street, unaware of your background, will keep yelling at you to wear a mask. Treat them with respect: at this time, you're a lucky minority.

I'm skeptical about the claim that we lost more lives due to side effects of lock-downs. Do you have data to back it?

@nickchuckwalter Well, yes. BLM protests no doubt increased the spread of ... although for a better cause than going to a sports game and to the cinema.

@Orakel @nickchuckwalter Clearly, leaving it to individual choice hasn't worked so far.

Most people don't realize they're infective until they've already been spreading the virus for days. This is why tracing is harder with than with previous pandemics.

People not wearing a mask in public are increasing the risk for *others*, not just for themselves.


@BalooUriza @nickchuckwalter There's no need to waste so many bullets. Locking up the antisocial people until the pandemic is over would suffice.

@cris @tagomago No, grazie! 😅

(ma complimenti per la creatività)

@cris short videos below 5MB can just be attached.

For longer videos, upload to any video hosting site such as YouTube and then share the link.

@nickchuckwalter Individualism is great in many circumstances, not when our individual actions can cause massive loss of life.

"But I miss going to the pub!"
"Everyone else is going to the cinema!"
"I can't breath well with the mask on!"
"Old people will die anyway"
"I'm young, so I'm not too worried"
"I'm sending my kids to pre-school because it's dangerous only to the teachers"

I hear a lot of poor excuses like these from friends who could just, you know... stay at home.

Goodbye 八丈島 and 八丈小島。

I feel the same way. Building software is no longer fun. Not this way.

I'd want to go back to writing firmware, hoping to regain control the full stack, from the toolchain to the "presentation" layer. There will be bugs and bad architectural decisions, but at least they will be my own doing.

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"Building software was never simple or easy. We've gained a lot of knowledge that makes it easier because you don't have to build quite as much from scratch, but we've more than made up for that by making it unnecessarily hard in every other way. Taking the simplest change from idea to production involves so many steps, and not even the steps that assure it's correct or maintainable. It's feeding the beast we built ourselves rather than the one born of necessity. [...]"


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@mike the domain name is obvious only to true insiders 😂

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Self-promotion: I have a little link aggregator site at yellowplastic.club where I sporadically post interesting #retrocomputing links as I come across them.

If you're a person who likes stuff of that nature, I'd love to see your links too!

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La Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) promuove il software libero e i servizi. Potete seguirli all'indirizzo:

➡️ @fsfe
...hanno anche un canale PeerTube:

➡️ @fsfe

...e un account PixelFed:

➡️ @fsfe

La filiale di Berlino ha un proprio account presso:

➡️ @fsfeberlin

Il sito web è fsfe.org

Ci sono anche organizzazioni sorelle FSF in tutto il mondo: @fsf (Nord America), @fsfi (India) e FSF America Latina.

#FSFE #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #Libero #libre #Europa

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It's another rainy day, but at least the guesthouse has a really nice lounge 🥰

"Through its refusal, the court has failed to recognize a key component of open justice: namely how international trial observers monitor a hearing for its compliance with domestic and international law. They are there to evaluate the fairness of a trial by providing an impartial record of what went on in the courtroom and to advance fair trial standards by putting all parties on notice that they are under scrutiny."

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