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@salixlucida The episode that pissed off the Chinese government is worth watching in full 🤭

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@benoit How long does it take you to read through it? I'm still very very slow...

@tibike @[email protected] one of the best CS books I've ever read, and one of the least applicable to real-world engineering.

@angristan Yes. Last week I even cried for help on r/japanlife, then went on a search across 3 Tokyo districts, but no luck 😢

@angristan ¥538 for 300g ain't too bad... Right now I'd do *anything* for a bowl of microwaved ravioli 😃

@Geckonyc there's a typhoon coming, and I should be working... but... but... ravioli 🤤

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A french coworker saved my life. There's a high-end french frozen food chain called Picard, and they seem to have ravioli ricotta & épinard, my favorite kind!!!!

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I can't continue living in Tokyo without ravioli 😔

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Neat! 🙂

"A Japanese student of ninja history who handed in a blank paper was given top marks - after her professor realised the essay was written in invisible ink.

Eimi Haga followed the ninja technique of "aburidashi", spending hours soaking and crushing soybeans to make the ink.

The words appeared when her professor heated the paper over his gas stove."

@angristan there must be some sort of link from the toot to the attachment... or else it's an orphaned object and should be GC'd

@angristan To win the battle against spammers, we must be able to undo the damage with less effort than it took to cause it.

Mediawiki lets moderators close a spammer's account and revert all their edits in a single click. Does Mastodon have anything similar?

@kai Couldn't find a single supermarket in Tokyo that stocks ravioli.

No, I don't want frozen gyoza, I want fresh RAVIOLI stuffed with ricotta and spinach. Capisce?

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