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"Americans harshly criticized the museum for its propaganda and glorification of their victory..."

Hmm, now I'm curious. So far, Vietnam has been surprisingly free of propaganda posters typical of other socialist countries I visited. Or perhaps it's just more subtle and I didn't notice?

As trip to Vietnam is not complete without visiting the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City...

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someone should fork #chevereto and add #activitypub support (and remove #disqus) so we can have a federated #500px-alike

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These shoes were worn backwards while walking in the jungle to deceive Americans.

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Ways to improve the world that aren't confrontational

- Teach
- Model what you want to see
- Ask people to explain their motivations a bit
- Dissent, but move on
- Decline to participate
- Hang out with who's been left out
- Share resources

"Our new hires will also be addressing UI-slowness and general performance issues across the application."


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These motorbikes crawl the streets of Saigon, showcasing dried cuttlefish on a well illuminated rack. Pedestrians can hail them to purchase cuttlefish salad to go.

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We were woken up at 5AM to the sound of honking, loud distant explosions, people yelling and then phone calls from neighbors. My first thought was, "It actually happened; civilization collapsed. And if people are already out running for the mountains, we're too late to make a difference. Best just stay in bed and enjoy one last warm night." It was only a fire in an abandoned building a few doors down. 2019: I'm not optimistic.

And even more stuff! That crispy pancake was my favorite. Do you know what it's called, @dragfyre?

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