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Another thing I don't get: Why you'd want to store your music as FLAC.

I understand that it's lossless, but what is that useful for?

It doesn't sound better than lossy at high bitrates (which is still smaller), and you're _not_ going to transcode it for every device, because everything already plays mp3.

So why not just keep everything as high-quality mp3, and then copy that around?

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@codewiz omg that first one made me snort-laugh

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If you have a thought while stepping out of a chair and forget it 2 seconds later, and if you have a thought and post it and get 20,000 likes, they're both thoughts you had and both are equally valid as thoughts. I feel like it's easy to feel like we need to "register" our thoughts as posts for them to count as being part of us but like, no - it's all part of us.

And I think when "registering" a thought was something that cost transcription, a stamp, and a walk to the postbox...

Japanese tea houses have ridiculously fancy desserts

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You Should Not Ignore the Mastodon Social Network Any More

Ordered a Belgian beer in an Irish pub.
In Tokyo.
I regret nothing.

For an izakaya, Gonpachi has some interesting food options
(the icecream is not vegan, but you could ask for agar and kinako without the icecream).

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#introduction I've been hacking unix systems since the mid-80s in a good way, and I try to stay in the unix/free software/open source software world as much as possible.

I build far too many workflows that mix bash, python, awk, sed and golang together to drag data from odd places, polish it up, and put the results somewhere where the sun does shine. With possibly less input safety than is needed ...

For money, I do infosec. For fun, I play Elite:Dangerous and help run the in-universe radio station

I also live somewhere that isn't in your timezone, have a family that just wants their tech to work, and look forward to owning electric vehicles.

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retrogaming, the 8bit guy's newest project 

The #8bitguy 's latest episode is awesome: "Building my dream computer, part 1"

They're going to design an 8-bit computer from SCRATCH, inspired on the #C64, but with modern components and USB and HDMI compatible. For now they're starting with a #Gameduino board for video, but they're planning to replace it with something new that can run on the C64's main bus.


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Any #kde pros out there have any really neat KDE Connect commands that you think are useful?

I've currently got a few basics to lock my session and turn off my display, but I'm interested to know how other people use it.

Dororo spoilers 

@[email protected] Just finished watching episode 9 and... ๐Ÿคฏ

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First Man spoilers (not) 

Any respectable nerd already knows the story and its historic ending; I expected all the key lines before the actors had a chance to speak them ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Yet, First Man is no less breath-taking than Gravity and Interstellar. I quite enjoyed it. I guess I'll re-watch the old Apollo 13 for a more direct comparison.

Searching for ใคใฅใ on Google Image yields a lot of drowned anime characters... Nande? Someone please enlighten me!
@mayuutann @[email protected] @ashphy

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