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But I could easily take N4 and get a good grade 😏💯

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At this rate, I'm definitely going to fail JLPT N3 this summer 😔

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I've been unable to study Japanese every day... :blobsad:

There. Every Italian could cook pasta blindfolded. Though I probably made too much... 😅

Making fusilli al pesto, a super quick dish if you buy the pesto ready made from the supermarket.

I think I'll buy a cheap espresso machine for home. Hopefully it will still taste better than dripped coffee.


First experience using Times Car, a car sharing service in Tokyo with an atrocious website and overly complicated booking process. I returned the car 5 minutes late, and clicked through various prompts on the GPS screen without really understanding the Japanese text. I hope I haven't unwittingly agreed to give them my firstborn...

Freshly filled cannoli, another Sicilian specialty to complement to the arancini.

Why aren't arancini more popular in Japan? They're essentially fried onigiri 😃

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Genderized surgical masks for sale in most combini.

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Mr Fish is a highly tuned and efficient machine for turning food into swimming. #fish #aquarium

I hate borders and visas, when do we abolish them?

Oh no, I was standing in line in front of the China Embassy in Tokyo, but I should have gone to the Application Center instead! Now I'm 30 min late for my visa appointment 😰

Side view of Zōjōji Temple as seen from Shiba Koen.

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