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stack overflow for dogs

2849 when will my human return?

Want to avoid cancer? Eat these foods:

The contained profiles of compounds within selective foods, which were highly likely to be effective in fighting cancer. Each node in the figure denotes a particular food item and node size in each case is proportional to the number of CBMs. The link between nodes reflects the pairwise correlation profile of CBMs in foods, thus the clusters of foods illustrate molecular commonality between them.

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Going for a hike in a redwoods forest with an old friend and a new friend...

Green Beans Coffee, right outside the SFO terminal, has a QUAD espresso treatment for acute jetlag.

Has anyone used the Lightning Network? And how usable is it in practice?

Yesterday I went to the Mitama Matsuri held at the controversial Yasukuni Shrine. Highly recommended if you like big crowds and loud music ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Arrived at ็พฝ็”ฐ intl terminal early to get lunch at ๆฑŸๆˆธๅฐ่ทฏ (Edo Alley)

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