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Today I'm spending some time trying to understand the Japanese national pension system :blobsweat:

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Hey @noemu and @rubenquidam, don't you think it's time to post some cute photo of polka on r/Eyebleach?

Kyokou Suiri is really something out of the ordinary.

Avoid the trailer and don't read the synopsis. Just go watch the first episode already. Still here? Go, go!

Save the date: will take place at St. John's University in Queens, New York City from July 31st to August 2nd, 2020.

And Jogeir Liljedahl wasn't just good at composing electronic music. Check Guitar Slinger, perhaps his most famous soundtrack:

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This is the original SoundTracker module composed by Jogeir Liljedahl, with its incredible sound using only 8-bit samples on 4 tracks of polyphony.

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It's time to remind everyone that Jogeir Liljedahl was one of the best composers of all times.

Here's a tribute to his / style:

Got code completion to work in the Linux kernel sources using LanguageClient-neovim + ccls.

All I had to do was running scripts/

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@djoerd People and politicians around the world who witnessed the horrors of WW2 created the UN with the explicit goal of maintaining peace.

Two generations later, the collective memory of global war is fading, and military superpowers took routinely invade smaller countries whenever they please, knowing that nowadays the UN isn't serious about enforcing international law: they can't realistically drag the leaders of powerful nations in front of a court to prosecute them for war crimes.

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Awesome two part write up of the early AtariST days from a young coder's perspective #retrocomputing
The Atari ST (part 1) | Dadhacker
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Higurashi When They Cry (anime); didn't seem like a good show at first but, since I have a soft spot for horror stories, I kept watching it. To my surprise, the way it tells the same stories from different characters POV, and how everything starts connecting and making sense as you learn more about the characters, was actually quite interesting and entertaining.

"ID: INVADED" is a sci-fi thriller with quality animation and 3D scenes. And that's what turns me on, usually...

...except this time I can't shake the constant feeling that I've already seen too many anime and Hollywood movies with similar ideas. Also, the characters seem pretty dull so far.

After just two episodes, there's still hope the plot takes some unexpected turn.

There are 10k downvotes on this video... I would like to meet some of them and ask what part of it they disagreed with.

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This 17-min video is a fine short introduction to the demoscene—

But you really have to go to a demoparty to understand why they're awesome. Come to our quirky Synchrony next Fri & Sat, starting in NYC, continuing on a train to Montreal. Kickoff at Babycastles Jan 17 ($15-$25 ss), train trip early Jan 18 (buy a ticket from Amtrak), compos at Shopify (free!)

Really odd graphic style. Animation is very flat, almost like clip-art... but the tints are more like watercolor.

Storytelling is also quite unusual, and not everyone will like it. I still don't know whether or not I liked it myself.

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