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I watch space launches like other people watch sports 🍿😀🍺

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In 40 minutes:
Launch of Mars Rover Perseverance on Atlas V 541 🚀

Suddenly woken up by earthquake emergency alerts playing on two cellphones and city loudspeakers 😱

But there was no earthquake 😫

This week's seminar on 未来少年コナン focuses on Jimsy.

At 7:20, he pulls out an amazing book with a map of Industria's underground residential area, including the scary Core Block 😨

Pro tip: install the Yomichan extension to hover on the subs and get an instant word translation.

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@codewiz It disappeared during one of my moves.
But look who has (probably) survived all these years. 😃 I never could give it away.

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Everything you always wanted to know on one of the Internet's oldest and most fundamental protocols.

This is both an introduction *and* a deep dive, delivered directly by some of the world's top DNS experts.

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#RFC1984 is pretty clear on this as well.
RT @BrideOfLinux
Encryption with back doors defeats the purpose: True privacy and security depend on free software — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software

Following IETF 108 tracks *and* work meetings at 1am 😵

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Teaching kids how computers work 

It seems like people think teaching kids about other number bases early on will confuse them, but in fact knowing how to deal with different numbering systems and non-carry arithmetic (xor etc) helps them generalize the different arithmetic operations, which will make it much easier for them to learn how to deal with things like complex numbers, polynomials, vectors, and matrices.

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My antibody test results arrived today, exactly one week from the sample collection.

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@codewiz @kai @tagomago As we said on live streaming will be developped on october / november and will be implement in PeerTube V3

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It has been remarkable to see examples of how people have stepped up to help each other and their communities. If you are in a position to help others, please consider free software in your giving plans.

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So I learned to make my own #tortillas today and basically my life is complete now. 🌮

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