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I'm leaving next week and flying to San Jose, California 🇺🇸

It's both scary and exciting...

Remember when was an unpolished, crash-prone, barely usable video editor?

I'm genuinely amazed by how far it has come:

By the way, it's also available from .

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Remember, those people who have been 'your rock' in life, need help too.

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Ouh, Telegram released two new web apps Telegram Web K ( and
Telegram Web Z ( in an attempt to improve the current Telegram Web (

Its so nice to see how telegram promotes competition within itself, and gives users the freedom to choose their favorite client.

Which one did you like the most? Web K, or Web Z 😂 :blobcatgiggle: ??

The Italian opening of Lupin III's original series (green jacket) had a fantastic sound.

cc: @tagomago

"XXX from the second floor"

Crazy expression meaning "frustrating":

Another day, another bike...

Today I switched to a Kawasaki KLX150 enduro bike.

Before going on a dirt track, I need to find a place to rent the various body armor parts. And even then, I need to be extremely careful with this toy 🤕

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Day trip to Mu Koh Angthong National Marine Park 🤩

Nope. Translate keeps translating it to something wrong even without the んだよ.

So, how would I say "I'm doing something" without the implied negative connotation?

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Yesterday I was watching the first episode of SSSS.Dynazenon, and a girl said: "私はどうかしてるんだよ", which supposedly means "I'm doing something wrong".

Ok, どうか is probably like なにか (something), and してる is a colloquial contraction of している (doing). What gives it such negative connotation? Maybe that ん?

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