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Perhaps can be repaired if you know how, but so could the Windows 95 registry... and so today regular users are still forced to reinstall the OS like it's Windows 95.

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This makes me wonder if Silverblue and containers based on ostree can also get corrupted after a failed update. Wasn't ostree invented to solve this?

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It seems can get stuck with a corrupt installation if it's interrrupted in the middle of an update:


I wasn't expecting to find clean OOP modeling in an emulator:

The instance variables map 1-to-1 with the custom chips present on the Amiga motherboard.

But it might get messier once they add support for Amiga models with different chipsets...

The main downside with is that there's no configuration UI, and the config file is a Lua script.

I had to _actually_ rtfm just to change the font and the background color! ๐Ÿ˜ซ

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I tried 's ssh client with multiplexing, and it's awesome.

Now you can have local terminal splits and tabs for the same remote session, without the messy, high-latency interposition of tmux or screen.

Plus, it's written in !

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Did you know that the C++ standard had library support for grabage collection?

And did you know that it's being removed in C++23 because nobody was using it?

There are several successful garbage collectors for C++, but their design differ from what's offered by std.

Looking forward to seeing the parade for sending humans to the moon again 50 years later!

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This is the Ticker Tape Parade of August 13 1969, celebrating the successful return of the of Apollo 11 astronauts:

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Perhaps it's better to appreciate Tim Dodd's music with the historic video footage that usually accompanies it:

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Everyday Astronaut (Tim Dodd) has a Spotify with the (original?) sound tracks used in the YouTube live shows:

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Unlike PulseAudio in its early days, #โ€‹PipeWire is not breaking too many things and angering users across all distros and desktops:

Sure, some users are reporting bugs, but remember how many _years_ we spent killing the pulseaudio daemon to fix the damn sound?

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Three male colleagues were talking about haircut and hair products for over ten minutes today. To the point that I got bored just overhearing them.

It was a funny but pleasant moment. Normally all they talk about is how to brew beer.

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