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Lots of mist, fog, and temperature inversions at the moment. That just means hiking up the fells and getting above the clouds!

So we did, summiting Dodd for these incredible panoramic views. โค๏ธ

Loads more photos here, if youโ€™re bored -> ๐Ÿ‘

#landscape #winter #nature #travel #uk #britain #england #lakedistrict #photography #photo #photographie

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Set up a new #KMail instance, to manage a specific mailbox, and guess what, trying to send e-mail ends in a grayed-out e-mail composer window and no error message. It just... hangs there. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

It's been 10 years since #Akonadi fscked up #KMail, and the developers *still* cannot get it to a working condition. This is beyond silly.

I am not blaming the current developers. I am blaming whoever made the decision to implement this over-engineered boondoggle that Akonadi is.

Learn about two different approaches to problem solving and mathematical thinking.

And if the solution starts with "create a GPT and a UEFI boot partition", then I'm happy to keep the MBR.

What I'm looking for is to simplify VM disks down to a plain filesystem hosted in an LVM logical volume. Now I have this DOS/GPT disk nonsense that can't be mounted on the host without special magic.

cc: @benoit @angristan

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Anyone knows how to setup kvm/libvirt to boot a VM directly from an LVM partition containing a filesystem?

I just want the host to load the latest kernel + initrd from the root filesystem of the VM without the need for a DOS partition table, an MBR to load GRUB, etc.

Users are starting to find that the session has finally gotten good enough for everyday use. Give it (another) try!

Got another flat while riding to work.
And here's the culprit! ๐Ÿ˜ก

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my kid just figured out how to put a full debian install on his school-issued locked-down chromebook. the first thing he did was install firefox which lets him bypass the school content blocker system (they did this as a browser extension rather than an OS-level firewall, oops). second thing was to put ublock origin on it, since somehow the school locked all the students out of installing ad blockers. (I know, right?)

anyway he's pretty stoked about it and wanting to learn more. he likes learning thru videos; can anyone recommend a video series for command-line basics? he's got some basic programming experience in Lua and knows HTML but has only very rudimentary shell exposure.

Lots of bugfixes and improvements in this week's KDE updates:

My favorite is a small patch almost doubling Konsole's scrolling performance:

The Meganoids also had their own transformation sequences: they used a special machine with four energy emitters to grow and shapeshift their bodies into a Megaborg before the final duel with the Daitarn 3.

There are cues that becoming a Megaborg is irreversible and a difficult step for some Meganoid commanders who are still attached to their original human form.

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For being a designed to promote a transformable toy, Daitarn 3 had pretty good humor. Plus, the Meganoid commanders were all caricatures of human flaws: narcissism, greed, lust, ambition...

This one for instance wanted to direct the greatest martial arts movie of all times ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Daitarn 3 was another overengineered where the pilot would drive a flying police car (the Mach Patrol), dock into a hole between the legs of the robot, then take a high-speed rocket railway to the other side of the robot and then begin a long transformation sequence.

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Trider G7 came out in the middle of the decadent age of mecha anime, characterized by toy robots piloted by children.

I thought it was silly even when I was the same age of the protagonist!

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The pilot of the Great Mazinger also took a long detour on a jet plane, then return to the Fortress of Science to get into the damn robot ๐Ÿ˜‚

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All of Go Nagai mechas had unnecessarily complicated launch sequences. Ufo Robot Grandizer had multiple route options:

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