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When I say "A Better World is Possible" I mean that we must continue to believe and act as if a better world is possible, or it won't be.

It is possible, if we want it.

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if you like my work, consider supporting me so I can create more of these

#pixelart #ドット絵

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So much of AI is about compressing reality to a small vector space, like a video game in reverse

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Is The Merge (transition of to proof-of-stake and other stuff) gonna happen real-soon this time, or will it keep slipping and slipping for a few more years? And will it actually deliver all the scalability and features that Vitalik is envisioning?

This is the first time I hear it will be bundled with a huge increase in on-chain transactions, and it makes me even more skeptical. How much bandwidth, storage and cpu time will Eth2.0 nodes require?

Admission: I've always found these Eigen-things in linear algebra very confusing... until I watched this:

Ok, and if you're _really_ short of time, here's the 30 seconds summary:

1. Don't read too much memory, and when you read it, read it in a predictable way.

2. Low-level optimization I would rather leave to the optimizers. There's so much dynamic going on that you don't understand, that you're probably going to pessimize your code by trying to optimize it.

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If you don't have time for another lengthy talk Bjarne Stroustrup, just watch the answer from this question:

Q: Can you talk about how optimizing code in the '80s was different from today?

Seriously, why is US Postal Service bouncing my package all over the nation?

It came from Japan passing through JERSEY CITY NJ, LOS ANGELES CA, SPRINGFIELD MA (why?!?), then back to LOS ANGELES CA, then spent a night in PHOENIX AZ (wtf!!) before returning to LOS ANGELES CA for the third (and hopefully last) time.

Last week I filed a support request, but after 5 days they quietly closed it without responding. How do I know? I got the request to give feedback on my... satisfaction! 😂

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@codewiz Builds nicely on Fed35, and I reconfigured now into Thinkpad layout, with one additional tweak:
Thinkpad allows in Bios to switch ctrl <-> Fn, and I made the left Fn key now also a ctrl key.

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Just right before the festive days: the System76 Launch keyboard arrived, my first keyboard with real switches. It's nice, so far! It's an 80% model, has exactly the keys I need, and typing just feels great.

's Session Shows Potential For Better Battery Life Than With X.Org

Interesting... I'd be curious to see if the same is true for ...

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10 year old niece showed me her program in scratch. It was neat. She converted her keyboard to a mini piano.

Blocks were in Persian. It made me realize how language is a barrier to non English speakers kids who want to start programming. Without that, they had to learn programming and English at the same time.

I'm very grateful of the people who made scratch and also the people who put the effort of translating it to Persian. You're awesome.

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Which OpenSource pieces have you discovered this year, which software have you stopped using?
The Linux unplugged election of the 'software pieces of the year' made me think on what changed for me this year.

Here's another perspective, but this time it's about "solving" a real-world temperature control problem:

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Which one of you has this UserAgent?

"Linux Gnu (cow)"

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