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most people on fediverse are very friendly.

most Japanese people on Twitter are very shy.🤔

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Join us next weekend at #Libreplanet for our State of the Onion address and find out what multiple teams at Tor have been up to in our fight for privacy and freedom online.

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Tokyo Big Sights reminds me of the Fortress of Science, the base of Great Mazinger.

I wonder if the architect who designed it was also a fan of Go Nagai's mechanical ?

Finally got to see what's inside the four upside-down pyramids of Tokyo Big Sight.
You know you're a complete nerd when you're more captivated by the design of the conference hall than the speakers 😅

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@hashtagsecurity Last Friday at work there was a do-it-yourself tantan-men station, and this was my first attempt (the small square bowl on the right).

Oh, wow. Of course someone had to make a soft drink based on bitter melon! Now I must absolutely experience it 😬

Food delivery in Japan never finishes surprising me. Every detail is perfect like in the picture on the menu.

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Some federation updates have recently shipped!

- Follow pixelfed accounts from pleroma
- Albums are now federated in proper order
- Deleting a Status now federates
- Invalid actor fixes
- Improved inbox performance

We will be shipping a lot more federation updates this weekend!
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@emsenn This brings up a number of controversial ideas to improve the SNR of social media: content ranking and filtering, user profiling, sponsored posts...

Mastodon is not doing any of these *yet*, but I'd argue that most users out there are unable or unwilling to invest the time it takes to hand-tune their own feeds. If they're coming from years of FB or Twitter, they all expect content relevant to the to magically pop up on top.

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