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Off to Kyushu in the south of Japan to burn left over holiday. I just entered the Yufuin-no-mori train, one of the special trains only operating in Kyushu.
On the mobile, a tech talk from Tokyo Linux user group, mobile network coverage is great!

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@deletescape Sad but true. I knew that Firefox was being, (mostly) funded by Google to prevent Chrome having the same antitrust problems as iExplorer but I didn't notice that Mozilla had turned into a zombie with an over paid head that barely cares about the foundation until I had to port all of my add-ons to Firefox57 and found that I could mostly just clone the Chrome extensions that I'd written. [I'm glad that Mozilla could spawn Rust with its dying breath.]

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Is there something similar to but for twitter? I'm looking to get the frequency of a specific word/subject over the years

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From Aaron's mom:

Idk why Aaron's incident make me so mad.
Maybe because he was working for the greatest good. Maybe because Aaron saw people who didn't have access to the resources (like the past me) despite being always privileged himself.

Aaron's story shows what happens when the stupid take power.

My country has been occupied by the stupid for the past 40 years now.

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My friend Ruben has an uncle who's an artist / philosopher / inventor, and he just made this painting titled "Twelve Words" ๐Ÿ˜


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Intermediate learning state :

RISC-V 32 Bit Integer Instruction Set Reference Sheet

Types :
R ... Register2Register
I ... Immediate
S ... Store
U ... Upper Immediate
B ... Branch
J ... Jump

This is some background info on std::chrono:

At 27:00 there's a hint that one could handle overflows by just using a safeint type:


I don't think it's as simple as this slide hints: what are you going to do? Throw an exception at runtime? Saturate to the maximum representable value? Call abort()?

Constants that will certainly overflow should result in a compile-time error, just like in this case:

uint8_t byte{666};


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We all know that C++ inherited unsafe semantics from C, but one would expect modern library features such as std::chrono to be carefully designed to avoid the old integer conversion bugs... right?

Not the case: it's very easy to silently cause truncation or overflow in correct-looking code, such as:


Try to get a compile-time diagnostic or at least a run-time error for this interface:

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if we want to break down papers as the fundamental unit of scientific knowledge, uniquely unfit for local technical knowledge like this, I think investing in alternative communicative systems is necessary, and by linking them with practical tools we might even make it useful.

"We will continue work on new releases of AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.x in 2022!"

Nate Graham has already published his Roadmap for 2022:

Perhaps it's a bit unambitious, but all the listed goals seem reasonable and desirable changes.

Personally, I would have wanted to see a push for HDR video playback in .

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