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It starts with listening to criticism and doing some self reflection:

"KDE software has historically been accused of being resource-intensive, ugly, and buggy. Over the years we’ve largely resolved the first two, but the issue of bugginess persists."

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Burning fuses to prevent downgrading of firmware was yesterday, now vendors start to lock CPUs to motherboard vendors:

In the video description:
"A love song to the 16 colours of the Commodore 64."

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Ohh! 🤩

"End credits song is "53280" by Bedford Level Experiment. Check out the music video here:

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Watch till the end titles for a surprising tribute song!

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"I'll take a couple of those Picassos, please. No... I only wear Casio watches."

If you're short of time, I suggest watching the part about Amiga's multitasking OS:

AmigaOS was truly revolutionary, particularly for a home computer.

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@codewiz I don't think the issue is with firmware development support (which is horrible for all vendors) but on the hardware side: apparently it's much easier to do a small-scale laptop production run with Intel than it is with AMD.

With Intel you can get a reference design, maybe even some support through some inept intern to help you sort out your customizations before you've sold the first Intel chip. With AMD you won't even get a phone call with their sales rep if the expected $$$ is too low (or so I've heard).

Simple reason: Intel can afford to waste lots of time on customers that usually get nowhere if that also means that they'll invest in the potential biggest computer vendor of the following decade (who will be nudged to optimize their workflow to work with Intel, and Intel only).
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I was looking for a new theme for my window manager in XFCE, and I found one in an unexpected place. In this article, I look at four Amiga OS-inspired themes for XFWM4 (with screenshots) and discuss the one I chose in particular, the HiDPI version of the Amiga 3.x theme.

Credit to Mr. Thomas Thiel for the great themes.

#foss #linux #manjaro #xfce #xfwm4 #themes #amiga #aur #badwolf #desktop #screenshotsunday #screenshot #themes #newleafjournal #TheNewLeafJournal

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