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"12 states so far committed to disallow Vaccine Passports. This thread summarizes map changes, things to consider, resources, [...]

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I figured out how to convert a higher resolution version of the map [...]

The Fraud Collapses: Cheap Meds Better Than Vaccines

"They're all lying and the reason they lied is the same reason they lied about ; you can't issue an if there is a safe and effective ."

"This was all about money from the start and we've killed hundreds of thousands in the United States as a direct result of these lies."

COVID-19: States ignore WHO recommendation on Ivermectin, here’s what doctor who wrote white paper on the drug has to say

“Australia has triple therapy protocol for -19 which includes , , and . This is being widely used in Australia and it controlled the spread of COVID-19 very well. Bangladesh too has successfully implemented this protocol of Ivermectin."

Covid Arsenal Needs Pills as Well as Shots

"More studies will help suss out the benefits of repurposed drugs."

"The National Institutes of Health should support further research for pills engineered to interrupt how the coronavirus replicates, which would be a hedge against mutations."

Article viewable w/o WSJ subscription:

FDA Recommends Transition from Use of Decontaminated Disposable Respirators

"The FDA and CDC believe there is adequate supply of [NIOSH / N95] respirators [...]."

Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators

"[...] N95 respirators should be discarded immediately after being removed."

Judge orders Batavia hospital to treat coronavirus patient with Ivermectin

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81 y.o. patient on “death’s door” gets 1 dose of IVM. He rallies. Hospital refuses more til a judge says, give it!
Score one for safe effective treatment, courtesy of a functional judiciary. Courts are willing to go where healthcare won’t.[...]

It Begins: Only COVID Vaccinated People Can Be Evacuated from Volcano Stricken Caribbean Island of St. Vincent

"The vaccine mandate excludes just about the entire population, given that only about ten thousand have been administered a first dose but not a second out of a total population of about 110,000 for St. Vincent and the Grenadines."

Midwin Charles, CNN Legal Contributor, Dies After Getting mRNA Vaccine

"Charles said she had a severe peanut allergy and she brought along an Epi-pen in case she suffered an anaphylactic shock to the mRNA injection."

"Charles would have received her second dose around three or 4 weeks after her first shot -- or right before she died."

We Cannot Afford To Censor Dissenting Voices During A Pandemic - Prof Martin Kulldorff

"Because, of course, a 22 year-old graduate in Whiteness Studies sitting in Twitter’s HQ in Silicon Valley knows much more about infectious diseases than a Harvard professor of medicine."

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Covid deaths have shrunk as fast in South Africa as in Israel over the last two months, without the benefit of mass vaccination.

The only game in town was off-label (and sometimes black market) ivermectin.

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They're not "vaccine passports," they're movement licenses. It's not a vaccine, it's experimental gene therapy. "Lockdown" is at best completely pointless universal medical isolation and at worst ubiquitous public incarceration.

Call things what they are, not their euphemisms.

Alberto Fernandez, who received the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus jab earlier this year, says he is in 'good spirits'.
Argentina’s president tests positive for COVID-19

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UK police officers are breaking up masses during Easter. Do they really feel that they are serving the public good? Video from Balham, SW London.

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Police tried the same thing in Canada that they did at the Polish mass in London on good Friday, they were sent packing.

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We are no longer appealing to the @who, @CDCgov, @NIH, @US_FDA to recommend . They have been compromised & have failed all of humanity for reasons that have nothing to do with saving lives.

Now we are appealing to doctors to be brave, save patients & .

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WANTED: A Hedge Fund that wants to:

1. Fund a large-scale trial of Ivermectin + Budesonide


2. SHORT THE PISS out of all the vaccine making companies at the same time.

No need to contact me -- just do it.

Hint: WHEN you make a billion dollars tip me as you see fit.

# TickerGuy

FLCCC WEEKLY UPDATE - Why is the WHO using the disinformation playbook? + Q&A

"Dr. Pierre Kory and Betsy Ashton discuss the incomprehensible decision of the World Health Organization not to recommend ivermectin for every phase of COVID-19 disease."

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