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The Uncensored Truth Tour

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Cincinnati, Ohio was a spectacular display of knowledge, courage, and the willingness of the American people to stand up, organize, and push back.

Event dates through July have just been added. Join us.

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I went down the Ad Council rabbit hole. Lots of interesting links. Their vaccine ads are in collaboration with Covid Collaborative. It's a list of some really unsavory "collaborators," including "lockdown until vaccines" Ezekiel Emanuel.

Ad Council, CDC Launch Ads Urging Americans to Mask Up Until They're Vaccinated:

Are the Covid-19 vaccines “safe and effective”?

"A video presentation by Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the -19 Early Treatment Fund."

“The narrative is that the COVID-19 are safe and effective but the is that the data points to an otherwise alternative conclusion.”

They Denied A Lab Leak At Wuhan. They Are Wrong About Other Things

"Like many facets of the of our age, was with the dreaded '' label, on @facebook and just about everywhere else. Not anymore."

“Were this 100 years ago, and was available, it would be used everywhere.”

"So far, the hype has prevailed. But it can be wrong. Can we now talk about ivermectin?"

The science around the lab leak theory hasn't changed. But here's why some scientists have.

"At the time, it was scarier to be associated with [...], so people didn't want to publicly call for an into origins."

"You can do recombination without leaving a trace."



Big Pharma White Coats: Biotech Corporations and Gates Funded Doctors are Promoting Vaccine Propaganda—Part I

"Instead of discussing how to best treat -19 or ways to calm the pervasive angst that most of us are enduring, they were literally conspiring on how to best muzzle their 'adversaries'."

"A psychiatrist whose name appears countless times in Dr. Fauci’s now infamous emails, noted that people who are vaccine hesitant are exhibiting cult-like tendencies [..]"


Watch "Houston TV Reporter Ivory Hecker SUSPENDED Effective Immediately Following Her On-Air Announcement" on YouTube

'Fox came at my throat': Journalist told to stop reporting on 1 hot-button issue

"The Project Veritas report said Hecker got audio of Susan Schiller, the station's news director, telling her to 'cease and desist' posting about [hydroxychloroquine] treatment on social media."

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Friends, we've established an FLCCC Alliance channel on Telegram. [...] We MUST protect ourselves from censorship in our shared fight to save lives around the globe.

FLCCC Telegram Channel:

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Dr. Tess Lawrie's Twitter account has been suppressed, [...] only dystopian, totalitarian, blind subservience is tolerated.

BIRD Group Telegram Channel:

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

"This month, appeared to retract his earlier denials and admitted the may have housed but admitted he had not asked them."

"[The video] was discovered by investigating the origin of the who call themselves ."


@amerika The only good thing I see now is that a lot of people are waking up. Just look at the Fediverse now. It’s a lot more active than it was one year ago.

I can’t imagine Big Tech will get away with censoring the truth about Ivermectin.

CDC calls urgent meeting over 226 cases of heart inflammation in teenage boys who have had Pfizer or Moderna vaccines

"boys [...] developed chest pain within a few days of having the second ."

"The overwhelming majority of the cases have occurred within a week of ."

"The 's advisory committee will meet on June 18 to further evaluate the possible ."

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