I wish there was someone I could talk with about this... on my own, my thoughts just fragment and crumble and it's hard to even form sentences much less write tricky computer programs. It's like "OK so basic_tech defines the serialized list of updated objects or... the most recent, or a function to serialize the... I push... basic into memory and it work good?" Repeat like a broken record for months and months.

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Anyone ready to start an anarchist mastodon site?

This one has seemed to die.

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I'm looking for some low stakes, no, low, or mid-budget sci-fi TV or films that I might have missed in the last 75 years.

I prefer episodic stuff. I prefer space stuff, or like Warehouse 13 style monster of the week stuff. Serious Drama is fine, buy I'm honestly looking for lighter fair.

Bonus points if it's an indie production. Extra bonus points if it's open culture, CC-BY-SA or similar.

Any suggestions?

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uspol, abortion rights 

One of the most important Supreme Court hearings in recent memory is happening today. Mississippi is challenging Roe v. Wade


OK so given three objects A, B and C, you can assign them like: struct something objects[] = { A, B, C };
Then you can do something with the objects in that array, and then when you're done you can do fuck all with the result because C sucks.
{A,B,C} = objects[] doesn't work so you can't assign to the expression that you assigned from, and you can't transform it into { &A, &B, &C } because CPP sucks.
If only every other language didn't suck more...

OK so 1) calculate path length, 2) define array, 3) fill with path. 4) stat the path to see if it exists. Then to avoid code duplication, also do that for the corresponding object, and dependency file in one command. Then if the path does not exist, don't do that for the corresponding object and dependency file wait shit

Alright, so calculate the length of the path then define a char array with that length, then write the path into that array. Then when the array goes out of scope it's neatly cleaned up. Of course you check if the path is already set before defining that array, which cannot be done without the array going out of scope wait shit

OK so programatically generated filenames. When you need the struct to have a filename, you calculate the length it's gonna be, then declare a char filenamebuf[length]; Then you assign that to the struct, and then use it to fill in the filename. Then filenamebuf will automatically be cleaned up once you're done using the filename and it goes out of scope! Then you return the struct out of scope and wait shit

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Do you know why South Africans are protesting recent flights ban to and from South Africa? Here is among the reason.

It still grinds my gears that people unironically claim that someone is a sexual deviant just because he wanted a hug so bad that he bought a pillow to do it with.

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BREAKING: Two confirmed cases of Omicron variant in passengers who arrived in Canada

It's important that police can't abuse their power to commit illegal acts in secret, so we will pass laws forbidding them from confiscating anyone's cameras or forcing them to stop filming BAHAHAHAHAno, we'll just say cops "have" to wear bodycams which they totally can't turn off while they're stealing your own camera to hide the evidence of their wrongdoing *again.*

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Fuck this bullshit and fuck this government. Where is the nearest rebel group and how do I sign up. People need to organize and overthrow this goddamn suicidal government before it kills *literally everyone*

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I can invoke a C compiler in C code, to compile C, great. I can make a function like somemod_add_objects() which adds the objects for some module to the command line, so that any code linked with it can use the functions in those objects. But what would my code link with, to use the somemod_add_objects() function in the first place?

Fucking volunteerism... why would anyone form any relationship with me, when all they care about is helping others in need? I don't want to help people help others. I want to help people who need help!

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Ugh. The #Gentoo #Linux wiki and forums are both down. It seems like the Gentoo community been having infrastructure stability issues lately? :-/

Does anyone know what the issue is?

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like literally

just wanna get fucked hard 🙃

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Covid, Germany, deadnaming 

In the current state of emergency it's not safe for queer people without a legal name change in public stores/spaces.
The strict controlling of vaccine certificates often requires a ID to be used alongside. This will force you to deadname and/or out yourself. Which can be very invalidating and humiliating.

Please stay save out there and try to order things online if possible, just avoid those spaces for now.

You are loved and most importantly:
You are not alone! ❤️

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antisemitism, canpol 

It seems that University of Toronto is actively trying to keep Jews off campus by making Jewish students and Jewish vendors sign a "loyalty pledge".

This kind of sickening stuff is why I feel so tentative about feeling safe in Canada.


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