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This is the percent infected in Oregon over a 14 day rolling average, since testing started.

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An opalescent sea slug, looking like nothing so much as an MMO endgame shoulder pauldron come to life, searches for food on the sea floor. :weirdfish:

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Gee these images are loading slow. I think I'll write a little proxy to cache them as I request them. (6 hours later) OKAY MY URI PARSER IS PERFECT NOW wait what was I doing again? with

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Now — this isn’t widely known here, but I was a huge pen and paper nerd back in the day (Please hold your surprised gasps).

Let me be clear about something, I was better and cooler than all of you D&D people, I played GURPS. GURPS people were smarter, better gamers, better looking, just everything.

You losers go ahead and enjoy your new Diversity and Dragons.


The greatest tragedy of the movie Ready Player One is not that it's a bad movie. It's that it's not Snowcrash.

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1\ Imagine spending a $1,000 bucks each month while only getting paid $250. Now multiply it a BILLION times. This is what US Treasury is doing. Don't trust me - see for yourself. It's all there in the latest financial statement.

Simply unbelievable.

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The horror of North Korea 

I've just heard a story that's so horrendous, it's hard to believe.

A young man on a trip to North Korea has stolen a propaganda poster from the wall of a hotel he was in. He was later arrested, imprisoned, sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, and most likely tortured. He was returned home in a state of coma, with severe brain injury and died a few days later.
I personally think he was subjected to waterboarding.

This is real.

#NorthKorea #USA

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“Just because a growing number of Terminators have ignored their AI programming and begun slaughtering humans left and right doesn’t mean we should take the dangerous and radical step of defunding the Terminator program.”


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"The mystifying ideological claim that looting is violent and non-political is one that has been carefully produced by the ruling class because it is precisely the violent maintenance of property which is both the basis and end of their power." - In Defense of Looting - Read more: #Ferguson

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so technically i did work for this company for several months but they are under no obligation to pay out because the project was cancelled before milestones were met. labor law is cool

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daily bunny, ec, an update, a url 

a smol bunny, front paws on a hand.

tl;dr, ~35 days of cheerful bunny pictures is about all I've got in me. there are still plenty out there; there's even a website I came across earlier this week, . check 'em out.

hang in there folks & stay safe.
(or use your best judgement.)


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மிகவே சரியான ஒன்று

So, anyone who followed me on my fediverse instance, added my XMPP to your buddy list, or emailed me in the past... 18 years, sorry but you're cut off from me... forever, because stole my domain. All your emails go to them now. So call them if you have a problem with that.

Anyone who knew me by a non-federated trust anchor like PGP, I2P, or Tox should experience no communication issues. are still preventing me from running an instance. It's been two days. I'm worried now that they might have stolen my domain permanently

Looks like is paying to hide them from law enforcement. Tracepath of their address gets stopped cold at "Amazon Technologies Inc." (AT-88-Z)

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Some company named and/or managed to take away my domain somehow. Since the fediverse entirely depends upon federated trust anchors, that means everyone is cut off from me, with no recourse, and it's now impossible for me to run an instance. The end. CAN WE GET IDENTITIES PLEASE

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