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Work Rant 

Getting real tired of being treated like a recalcitrant teenager by the company I work for. No fucking raises, new BULLSHIT reporting requirements, (all so the CEO can have a fancy colorful dashboard because the way they collect the data makes it almost USELESS for anything else), and just more and more disrespect. Fucking assclowns. Time to start working my network of contacts again.

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You know, #RedDwarf was really good before the writers started taking science fiction too seriously. At first it was fun and some ideas were unrealistic but great ideas; but then it sort of went serious and the science fiction was poor.

Also that whole time-loop thing so many writers think is really clever is actually really boring. And it's depressing to think the future is written.

No to time loops.

Time loops are the comic sans of #ScienceFiction

Welll, C /finally/ has support for counting variadic arguments, GCC does at least. The devs were so buttblasted about it that they made it difficult as they could, but it is possible.

extern int method_without_boilerplate(double nothingspecial, int numargs, ...) ;

inline __attribute__((__always_inline__)) int method(double nothingspecial, ...) {
return method_without_boilerplate(nothingspecial, __builtin_va_arg_pack_len(), __builtin_va_arg_pack());

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oh so my history teacher deducted points for having a typo in a quote
when that typo was also present in that quote
and literally had [sic] next to it
she will not give me muh points back

So frustrating. Either you can't use malloc at all, or you have to use malloc for everything. All const strings de-optimized, un-inlined, and duplicated on the heap, or else just "fuck you" I guess.

So I have to create potential memory stores: store1, store2, and store3, just arbitrarily named, so I can deal with const values while having malloc to fallback on, and there's no way to do it maintainably and I'm getting nowhere as usual and I'm so lonely

US positivity rate
Oct 19: 85/1317K
Oct 20: 78/1335K
Oct 21: 648/1817 wait, *six-hundred-fourty-eight-thousand?!* The heck happened in the USA roughly 2 weeks before last Thursday?

No no I got it. You have a tree of paths, that you unbalance into a flat list of paths. Then you eliminate previous nodes, except if those nodes have multiple parts like "foo/bar" in which case you only eliminate the "bar/" part except your code is for eliminating nodes, not determining offsets of strings, so you can't do it. WHY IS THIS SO HARD

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No, wait wait. You defer the joining of paths, using a structure that either holds a path, or a pointer to a previous and next path, then you only need to allocate the memory for the tree, and for the final output. Then you walk the tree, and when you find parent directory ".."s you remove the node previous, by following all previous links, and now you lost your place so you can't continue walking the tree.

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OK so to join paths, you allocate a buffer big as both paths and fill it. Then to join that to a third path you allocate a... buffer again, big as the first plus a third. If you're joining 7 paths, you allocate and filling seven times as many buffers as you need in the end, duplicating the first part of the path in memory 7 times, the second part 6 times, etc.

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CoVid (slightly rant-ish) 

You know it's Not Over Yet, don't you?!

You knew it's NOT OVER YET, didn't you?!

( I don't want to hear anymore, that I'm being pessimistic. I'm Not. )


(-.-) I hate this.

Worse still, there's no amount of time given for you to comply with the AGPL, so unless you can provide access to your modified source code *in real time* you could be held in violation the moment someone noticed you didn't have a 24/7 high bandwidth server with a static IP to host your code. I mean am I wrong in that? I'm not a lawyer but it seems really bad!

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There is nothing in the AGPL about the degree of influence. So if you edit the code for personal use or just to try something out, you're just as much in violation as a big corporation that have millions of people depending on their code. It's anti-hacker and anti-poor, forbidding you from tinkering or repairing anything unless you have some means to provide whatever changes you make to anyone in the world.

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The AGPL is a shitty license that nobody should use.

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If corporate-owned sites are blocking links to #JoinMastodon that is all the more reason to start are controversy on here to get media attention.

So instead of linking to #Mastodon on other #SocialMedia sites, just use the #BillGate hashtag and make references to it without explaining what it is.

If enough people did it, it would drive everyone crazy so they'd have to try to find out what it was about.

I just wanna know how you combine estimators. Given two estimations, each with their own margin of error, how are you supposed to combine them?

Wish I knew someone who was even into that stuff...

Is that who you really are, or is it who you're afraid you are?

OK but even if transsexuals are just males in denial, how is it right to exclude males for no reason other than their sexual organs?

There are seemingly reasonable proposals that stroke your ego, while turning you to hatred, petty squabbles, and shooting yourself in the foot. One of those is the proposal that artists have the right to prevent edits. Corporations shouldn't be allowed that right, and you shouldn't be allowed that right, because it hurts you far more than any benefit you gain from having it.

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