It's like oh it's sooo easy, I just calculate a 4D rotation translation matrix and use it to map every vector into the original rotation and translation. Except the real answer is something like "You multiply dx by -1" without all the 100,000 computations involved in matrix algebra.

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Ugh, radial ring flood fill in 3 dimensions is a nightmare. For 2d, you need special cases for the corners, and which edge top bottom left or right. For 3d you need 8 corner cases, 12 edge cases and 6 face cases. Each one is a mental 3D translation to decide whether to go -1, 0, or 1 in the x/y/z direction, with an arbitrary number for what direction it's pointing with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Gotta be a way to... guess the signs of...things somehow...

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long post, antifascist tactics and strategy/reportback 

all I'm gonna say about the antifascist demo yesterday in Central London is that: turns out, even with inferior numbers, a group of determined, well organised people who have a plan in place and follow it properly can seriously fuck with a fascist mobilisation by playing off knowledge of how the police tend to respond to certain things, and by having robust and clear intelligence and spotters operating around the fascists themselves. And you can do it without any actual physical confrontation or danger to the antifascist group itself, and without any arrests or even the threat of arrests.

This is a fairly specific case, based on UK/Met Police tactics, but I think people who are interested in not always going for the hyper-confrontational and macho method of antifascism and minimising danger to participants should read any writeup which London Antifascist Assembly end up putting out about it, bc it was a super interesting and well organised demo which is catching flak from a certain kind of macho brit antifascist who thinks that any mobilisation which is smaller in numbers and doesn't end up with a lot of nice photos of bleeding gammons counts as a loss, rather than appreciating the importance of both preventing the fash from marching, and causing a hilarious amount of infighting and strategically significant damage to the morale of a street fascist movement which has recently been somewhat resurgent.

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Vaginas are so cool. Not that I... get to know. I'm not sure where I was going with this.

Man, that's the second person who's blocked me today. Guess I'm on a roll. At this rate I'll be alone forever with no friends or support, for sure!
Seriously though, sometimes I wonder how many communities I've been quietly locked out of by morality police who want to keep their friends from befriending a bad person like me.

So, a flood-fill algorithm. Mark the start node as filled, then check around it with a radius of 1. Any of those connected to the start node also get filled. Then for each filled node in the 1 radius ring, check the nearby nodes in the 2 radius ring, and fill those if they match. Then do it for the 2 radius ring => 3 radius. You keep a "ring" of filled nodes, but no stack, or queue. Once you find a ring with no new filled nodes, you're done. Would that work?

Don't immediately block people, if you can help it. @f0photo just messaged me out of the blue, saying that God totally counts as a support network, and accused me of responding with "this." Then in the same post they said it was a waste to talk further, and announced they were hitting the block button. Even if I was repentent and apologetic, doesn't allow me to see the post that so angered them. Blocking is absolute, unreversible and final.

Oh, because that way 60% is the minimum multiplier, and 100% is the maximum 0-1 → 0.6-1, so they force you to slow down at least 60% if just sliding. Which makes ice blocks kind of impossible by design, but oh well.

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Man, I don't get the movement resistance code in minetest. It takes negative your speed to slow you down, then multiplies it by move resistance to slow you down less than 100%, fine. But it multiplies move resistence by 0.3 first, then adds it to (1 - 0.3). ...why?
Fuck it I'm just gonna go watch Sjin again.

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The thing that is keeping me from making this is the fact that I honestly believe that if I wore this in the wrong context, an agent of the state would have me disappeared

Great to live in Canada in 2022

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"Limit time outside"

I already do. But I made the mistake of opening the window for fresh air this afternoon. Now we all have headaches, and everything tastes like the neighbor got a new fireplace.

I wanna do something with someone. But I don't get to do that, not for weeks, months... who knows how long. It's been... years since I did anything with anyone, unless you count store clerks and therapists. I went to a meeting a few months ago, they had a presentation, talked about pointless political stuff like wards. Didn't do anything with anyone. Just... stood next to them, talking about their lives, wishing there was something we could do together.

No... multiblock smelter at all. Just have metal melter blocks, that melt faster, with more ore doubling if they have insulating brick blocks adjacent to them. No controller, just an array of tanks that feed from one to the other, combining molten metals into alloys and then dumping them into casters.

I remember when I could put a child in a woman. Man, that would've been something...

Ugh, never mind. Apparently it was a glitch in the matrix, and all she had to do was delete the thing with the thing, so at least she has the songs. Still short $20 though. Anyone want the complete soundtrack to the LOTR movies?

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Well, Amazon stole from my mother again. Does anyone know where I could get the "Lord of the Rings" complete soundtrack? They sold it to her for $20 and then when it wasn't working, they advised her to delete all her copies and download it again. Then they told her she'd reached her download limit. Unfortunately I can't torrent it because she'll get another threat letter from our ISP if I do.

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> Tightened base security after 9/11 made RSIC harder for the public and college students to access, she said, and the Army needs space at the growing base.

> That includes books that date to 1962 and volumes written by Russian scientists as well as Americans.

> “The problem is they decided to dispose of all these books instead of trying to find a place for them,” Woodling said.
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What that smell actually is a factory that uses industrial quantities of artificial flavoring. Usually I'm upwind of it

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