📺 Episode 9 of Essential Life

It's a very, very wet day in Portland, but I'm here to brave the elements and tell you all about Forest Park, one of the crown jewels of the #Portland Oregon area. Don't miss some of the epic waterfalls I saw on the hike!



@jared That's so beautiful. You're making me wanna go out there! I don't usually get past the upper Macleay though, since it's I think a couple miles from the MAX, so I'm like "Okay I'm done walking, oh here's where the trail starts." :blobfacepalm:

I dunno why you call it a little hike that doesn't take you too far, because you can turn around whenever you want, but there has to be at least 10 or 20 miles of trail north of there. It just goes on forever!

@cy Thanks! Because of the rain I didn't get too far up the trail, but yeah the trail system just goes on and on. Last year I parked near the top of the hills farther north and walked along a trail all the way down to St. Johns Bridge and back. Extraordinary!

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