Women of the world, you've won ! You now have the power to deny yourself sex! You can choose to cover yourself in shame now, in our modern feminist world! Reject your good friends, and you're just escaping potential disempowerment and rapes. You have the right to segregate yourself from men, and you can now safely be only sexually attracted to upper income males. Don't let those low income creeps take away your right to obey!


You deserve to express yourself just as much as men by shopping for shit that you don't need. The more shoes you have the more you are! Smoke some freedom sticks, and demonstrate your power and independence by forcing those bad smelly men (and also yourself) to conform to sterile consumerist standards. Major in soft sciences, or go to beauty school, (and not STEM) just like you want! Read advertisement dumps marketed as women's magazines!

@cy by the way, i have a stem degree. so long, loser!
@cy oh, you are giving me the silent treatment? boy, let me do the answering as well for you, with this little song (i doubt you could do better than that):


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