I really wish there were more space sci-fi TV shows which weren't aggressively stupid in their lack of understanding of astrophysics.

Like just starting with a basic understanding of "what is a planet, what is a star, and how far away are they generally from each other" seems like something only Space Odyssey and Star Trek ever even tried to do?

I don't get why it's 2022 and we still seem to have no science awareness in Hollywood writers.

Did 1980s high school just... not work? At all?


* If your FTL drive is dead, you're not getting to even the next star using a rocket. Not in anyone's lifetime.

* Everything just in one solar system is months to years of travel apart, unless FTL

* If you take off your helmet on a planet, you will die instantly 99.99999% of the time.

* Aliens don't speak American English.

* Space colonies will always be more fragile than Earth cities, no matter how high the sea rises

seem like basic truths and yet... nobody knows them yet?


@natecull Well, according to astrophysics, FTL is impossible. We can't go on planets with a helmet because their atmospheres would almost all destroy us without heavy shielding. There are no aliens. We can't even live in a tin can floating in orbit of our own planet, much less plan extraplanetary or extrasolar expeditions, and no chance of space colonies. The universe will be explored only with robot and camera, very slowly without reward.

So uh... I don't really want to watch a show about a space probe doing nothing but drifting through space and beeping, and you can't hear the beeping because there's no atmosphere.

@cy this is fake news. einstein-rosen bridges were back on the table years ago when a black hole was caught spewing mass.

it did it again recently igniting a new star


@icedquinn I wish you were right. From what I read, the "universe" on the other end of a wormhole is just a virtual mirror image projection. It would be cool if they found a white hole though I suppose.

@cy i don't put a whole lot of mental stock in to theoretical physics. aristotle tried to do the whole metaphysics by introspection schtick and failed miserably when the ability to test it showed up later. we routinely do it again and again. big bang was declared the winner by fiat but early big bang researchers were regularly broadly wrong about everything.

we know very little about space.
@cy in my lifetime alone they have gone from "there is only one earth" to "ok japan found another exoplanet" to "ok exoplanets are actually common" :ablobcatgoogly:

@[email protected] @[email protected] >not even getting into the holographic properties of 3d universe

@sarvo @cy well a lot of our cosmology too is based on taking a couple observations and computing formulas from that data and then rolling the formulas to their extremes.

i remember nassim haramin talking about scaling laws and he proposed there is always something in ratios of phi and it turns out that has held true apparently.

there are also weird differences like group symmetry which is an active practical physics research that has noticed the property of matter changes completely based on scale.

like, an atomic layer of carbon is a room temperature superconductor (graphene) with negative resistance but you add layers of carbon and it just becomes graphite (useless, unless you like sketching pencils.)
@sarvo @cy we didn't even know we had access to negative resistors until recently lol.

i remember old weird papers where a guy at GM made the "network analyzer" and he was talking about "if you have a negative resistor you can do this and that" and nobody had one so they were like :cirno_shrug:

turns out you make negative resistors by shaving pencils.
@cy @sarvo so as far as going very fast in space is concerned. i dunno. i know they've captured evidence of white holes and this made the theoretical physicists happy. alcubieere drive is also sound assuming we can synthesize negative mass (or an equivalent phenomenon.)

this whole time we had no idea that fucking pencils were superconductors so i'm reserved any time scientists say we can't do things.

@[email protected] @[email protected] in my perspecrive faster than live travel can and probably will occur by cheating like using extra dimensions , like taking a ship to a 4th dimension and taking a shortcut by literally using a different plane (could too be interpreted or used as wormholes)

@sarvo @cy string theory supports the idea of multidimensions but string theory is not very popular.

there is also no provision for us to be able to translate across dimensions or that any of them are suitable hyperspaces.

@[email protected] @[email protected] well who knows how it acrually would be, thing is string theory is kinda shit and i am not talking about it but quantum grativy (i think i dont remember) they also say our physical univerae is kind of an hologram so that is why i mentioned it at the start, it is too the most promising i have found

@sarvo @cy i've never tried to understand anything about quantum physics. there are so many bullshit claims about it and even the guys who invented it said nobody can understand the shit.
@sarvo @cy i think i broke cy but.
black hole science is pickin up again in recent years :ablobcatnod:
no idea if we'll get any fun out of it

@icedquinn I understand quantum superposition perfectly and I also have no idea what it is.

@sarvo @cy the original graphene experiments were conducted by using scotch tape to extract thin layers off of pencils.
@icedquinn @cy @sarvo
i highly doubt anything here is violating conservation of energy and this is just a gimmickey interpretation of some dielectric charge separation of graphene layers or something they are spinning into magical zero point energy for click bait

negative reistance would mean unlimited free energy and i dont think that's going to happen from sheets of carbon
@meowski @cy @sarvo bruh there were papers about people trying to use it to make CPUs and found its shitty for electronics because they had to figure out ways to intentionally short it out (band gap problem)
@icedquinn @cy @sarvo i'm sure ther were plenty of papers about it.

ok let's just say graphene has unusual charge carriers where electrons can do strange things, maybe even will provide room temperature superconductivity someday at *zero* resistance, but as far as a practical negative resistOR as in a working discrete component with negative resistance, you're getting into zero point energy which is basically magical woo and it's not going to happen
@icedquinn @cy @sarvo let's think about this for a second. a normal resistor resists the flow of current.

so a negative resistor, increases the flow of current?

ok so you start a current flowing in a negative resistor, plug one end into the other end, then voila, unlimited free current?

so all we need is one of these negative resistors and then we can generate unlimited free electrons weeee magic


Right, FTL is a hack to allow "star colony" stories to happen at all, which assume habitable planets of some kind (maybe one per habitable system and lots of uninhabitable ones).

And radiation is a huge problem for the moons of Jupiter with their delicious water and hydrocarbons, and soil toxicity a huge problem for the Martian poo potato industry.

There's plenty of dead rock out there for robots to mine, assuming that there's an Earth market for dead rock moving very fast.


Also space living requires a lot more Wet Wipes than TV is generally comfortable with showing in prime time, and microgravity does not make for photogenic bodies.

@natecull Yeah, and realistically space mining will never work out, because it's just too expensive to get out of our gravity well, but we can't survive anywhere outside of its atmosphere. So I don't mind when Star Trek fans make a show about a simple fungal organism that evolved warp technology as a survival mechanism and colonized the galaxy long before us.

@natecull @cy if there's gonna be interstellar space travel at all (huge if) they're going to have access to technology to create habitable spaces out of any available matter (especially given the amount of energy they'll have access to). That's also assuming they don't dispense with the inconveniences of bilogocial life and just send robots, only reconsituting consciousness in living bodies when they have some reason to/
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