I really wish there were more space sci-fi TV shows which weren't aggressively stupid in their lack of understanding of astrophysics.

Like just starting with a basic understanding of "what is a planet, what is a star, and how far away are they generally from each other" seems like something only Space Odyssey and Star Trek ever even tried to do?

I don't get why it's 2022 and we still seem to have no science awareness in Hollywood writers.

Did 1980s high school just... not work? At all?


* If your FTL drive is dead, you're not getting to even the next star using a rocket. Not in anyone's lifetime.

* Everything just in one solar system is months to years of travel apart, unless FTL

* If you take off your helmet on a planet, you will die instantly 99.99999% of the time.

* Aliens don't speak American English.

* Space colonies will always be more fragile than Earth cities, no matter how high the sea rises

seem like basic truths and yet... nobody knows them yet?

@natecull Well, according to astrophysics, FTL is impossible. We can't go on planets with a helmet because their atmospheres would almost all destroy us without heavy shielding. There are no aliens. We can't even live in a tin can floating in orbit of our own planet, much less plan extraplanetary or extrasolar expeditions, and no chance of space colonies. The universe will be explored only with robot and camera, very slowly without reward.


So uh... I don't really want to watch a show about a space probe doing nothing but drifting through space and beeping, and you can't hear the beeping because there's no atmosphere.

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