A nice friendly lady came to our door unsolicited, to give my mother a free estimate on replacing her gutters. In shock, the lady explained that this happened to be the very year our house would fall apart unless we paid her company $4500 to replace our gutters. That afternoon at dinner, my mother very gravely told me we have to replace our gutters now, that she had actually been planning to for quite some time, and the didn't influence her decision at all.

So, anyone know how to repair the flashing on a gutter? I got a cold $4500 to make, if I can do it before the "professionals" go make us buy another few hundred cubic feet of aluminum.
She claims water is pouring down between the gutter and the roof but I'm not in front often enough to see it.


There is some slight warping and moss at one spot. I was looking at a video that showed flashing as basically just thin sheets of aluminum, you jam under the shingles so that water doesn't go back around the underside of the shingle, and goes down into the gutter instead. Might need slight adjusting of the gutter holder things to keep the gutters straight. I really don't know a thing about it though, just that it seems simple enough.

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