#introduction | I'm on the Board of #MayFirst Movement Technology, a coop that provides tools and supports for both individual members (like me) and organizations that are members (e.g. Progressive Technology Project). We've been a bit challenged about how to deal with supporting folx shifting from depending on corporate tools like fbook to using libre tools instead. My own daughter is a member of Socialist Alternative and she tells me they have to use fbook because that's where the people are, and the floss tools are harder to use and not as feature rich. Now I on the other hand have stayed away from social media entirely, so I have no idea how to respond. So I decided to start here on lurk.


@davebritton Tell them they can use Facebook all they want to get people on the Fediverse! In all seriousness, they should have a presence on some libre network. Using Facebook doesn't stop you from doing that as well. IMO any organization who can't even spare the time to set up an accessible alternate contact method is *at best* a false flag operation established to divert people away from effective activism.

@cy @davebritton Facebook and Twitter are where the numbers are, but activism is not always about numbers. On those sites, you can think you are broadcasting to the billions, but the alorithm may be hiding your posts even from followers. As a rule of thumb, if your posts are not profitable for advertisers then the algorithm will downrank them. And if you pause to consider it, a lot of the activism which people like us are involved with is the opposite of generating money for advertisers.

@bob Well, I suppose we could develop a site for activists to post real-time pix/video during street demonstrations to a site that had lots of google ads to make money for local bail funds, with bot postings to fbood and birdsite to drive traffic to it. People could support the rioters by watching the riots.

@davebritton @bob This sounds like one of those things where capitalism learns how to profit out of struggle and turn rebellion into another revenue stream for oligarchs.

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