You know, I know Turning Red is racist as all hell, and full of creepy out of touch "This is totally how the kids act" tryhardism, and I hate boy bands with a passion, but when 4-Town came back for the big finale, I was squealing like a schoolgirl right along with the rest of them.

OK so... auto-avatars are working, and don't look awful. Any bright ideas as to how to make a thing that lets you differentiate public key fingerprints at a glance are welcome. Still no client logic, so can't get posts from elsewhere, but at least it has... webfinger?

OK now it can actually show , using one of those fancy new GtkGridViews and a custom widget because I'm a masochist.
Still can't create posts with them, or... sync their feeds with any other instance. Or do anything but create keys and save profile info/images to the database. And uh... webfinger... maybe.

Wow, I... made a GUI that let me create an "aspect" with a name, a description, and a profile image. The profile image doesn't get added to the database for some reason, but it also creates a passphrase derived signing key, and an asymmetric encryption key, and all that gets... saved successfully. It won't load and display them for some reason, but it actually gets saved to the database without having to rollback the transaction. It's... well it's something, at least.

Maybe even some kind of "grandparent" view, which gave a tiny preview of two levels away...

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So, a star widget. It'd be neat if it was just a little circle that expanded to a radial star of circles on hover, no title bar or anything. That seems confusing to close or shut down though. Plus what happens when it can't expand past the edge of the screen? So a star of circles that recenters itself with every click, and doesn't wander about the screen. I guess you could confine it to some rectangular parent widget. How to make this in GTK?

The interesting thing is that this system can actually penalize people for posting too often. On page 40 of the results here are people who last posted like 15 hours ago. Anyone posting more often than that will keep getting bumped to the top of page 1, and I'd never see them if I started from page 40.

I dunno why nobody else is talking about this sort of system to view the Fediverse with. Local DB + per-user limit to posts shown + not mixed up posts = ☺

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I think... I've done it. I think I've defeated the whores.
Or at least made a significant step towards that, which no one else in the entire is making FOR SOME REASON.
Screwing around with , I got it to pull posts from a local cache, and finagle it so each poster only gets to show me 2 posts, in order of most recent post, but not mixed in with the other ones.

getting scammed by NFTs, when they have already been convinced that sharing their art is stealing, and that people have to obey their whims before using anything they created.

artists drawing unlicensed MLP fanart believing that intellectual property is their right, and not their curse. artists claiming they can sell the species of the sparkle wolf that they drew.

artists reporting and censoring edits of their freely available works... it's hard to sympathize.

wiseguy: having lexical macros would be great!
standards committee: STFU
wiseguy: if we could just have a macro stack, we could have namespaces!
C standards committee: STFU
wiseguy: are you seriously going to go 40 years without making macros dynamic, composable, recursive, or contextual?
C standards committee: fine god
also C standards committee:

Really would like advice from someone who knows the It seems like it forbids anyone from working on their own instance unless they can provide all code changes to anyone on demand. Which isn't hard to do, admittedly, but that also opens programmers up to persecution, to pressure them not to make changes that deviate from the status quo, where status quo is determined by the propaganda of the wealthy.

It's the stupidest idea in the entire universe. Basically a size followed by data then padding to make it square, and add a PNM header so that it is totes pixels. pnmtopng can convert it to a png, and then you can overcome the stupid design of the Fediverse where you have a 500 byte character limit, but a 8,000,000 byte image limit. Here's the unscaled version, exactly 19 bytes larger than the original data.

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Got my image codec working again, finally. Here's my public key, scaled up 16x for effect. It's only about 2x the size of the key file itself.

I think Izzy Moonbow experienced some profound, traumatic loss, which left her all alone without guidance and so desperate for a friend that she threw away everything on a foal's drawing that fell out of the sky many years past. And that's why she was in Maretime Bay, a place no other unicorn dared to tread, smiling because she has to.

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We do see Izzy's house, and she lives alone, spending her time on elaborate crafts projects themed around her wish to have "actual friends," like the automatic tea set for 6, and friendship bracelets. But if Izzy didn't have any friends, why would she tell Sunny she'd never been friends with an earth pony before? Wouldn't she have said she never had a friend at all before?

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The more I think about it the more it adds up to a very dark picture. Izzy Moonbow is seriously traumatized.

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