@ephemeris This is most certainly not helpful but bool ends_in_not_final(string str) { if(str.len < 5) return true; return 0 != memcmp(str.base + str.len - 5, "final", 5); }

@22goingon23 Most people smell good if they don't dry out their skin with soap all the time!

@thor @imgn I don't advise being the hero. Be pragmatic, like you said. Do what's most effective. Sacrificing yourself for an ideal rarely is, because then the people you're trying to stop have one less opponent quietly working against them. But most of all, I tell people self-help is bullshit. Try "mutual aid," if you want a better catch phrase.

Someone just complimented me on my new shampoo... I didn't have the heart to tell them I don't use shampoo.

@thatbrickster That being said, the whole "Let's add more triggers and special snowflake categories so we can abuse the gays to get attention for ourselves, then call them bigots when they don't observe our extremely specific and arbitrary requirements" thing is complete and utter shit. It's not fascism, but it is shit. The flag is a rainbow, the rainbow stands for "sex, life, healing, sunlight, nature, magic, harmony, spirit," and *not* homosexuality. End of story.

@thatbrickster Do the gay ones say you're not allowed to own firearms anymore?
Do they forbid anyone from equal rights to them because they were born on the opposite side of an imaginary line?
Do they use closed-caption footage to put you under constant surveillance?
Fascism is not a flag.

@protodrew private research:
< ( Yes harumph we would like to know how long this will take, and how much money it will make us? )
( Do you... even know what research is? ) >
< ( The thing that makes money, of course! Now just tell us when you're going to discover something new, and give me a rough estimate what the consumer demand for it will be. )

@imgn Oh and yeah forgiveness is way overrated. It's nice sure, and some people do obsess about old wrongs, even after they're past the crisis. But "self-help" is authoritarian slaver propaganda, guilt-tripping you for what other people are doing to exploit you, by framing every solution about you, and your attitude. I have yet to see a self-help book that says "Punch them in the face until they stop screwing with you."

@imgn What those articles don't tell you is there's a difference between forgiveness and allowance. You can forgive someone who's long dead, or someone who you'll never see again. Forgiveness is about letting things go, even if you still don't trust someone, even if you still cut them off. You don't have to act like they didn't do anything wrong. Forgiveness is just admitting that there's nothing more you can do, about what someone did, and moving on with your life.

@crazypedia I don't see myself anywhere in five years. Why would it the next five be any different than the last 20?

@GreenFire Trust me, we don't expect someone else to do it for us, especially not our corporate controlled government. That's been the case long before the Supreme Court decided to go full despot this year.

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The #KochBrothers won one of their biggest battles in the #WarOnScience

Our Republican controlled Supreme Court on Thursday sharply cut back the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to reduce the carbon output of existing power plants, a blow to President Biden’s commitment to battle climate change.

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Still have a fever and severe pain and stiffness in my right leg and in my back despite finishing my first dosage of meds of 5 days.. when fever goes up the pain also goes up and when the fever comes down the pain and stiffness also comes down when I am taking all those antibiotics and pain killers... Gonna see the Doctor today again.

@BalooUriza I have a pretty short list for that show.
1) Why is everything about babies?

My mother is very concerned and attentive now, making sure I don't forget to get myself registered with a new ID card right away, but she didn't even know I had voc rehab today. She cares more about getting me back under government surveillance than any rehabilitation I might need...

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Well, I guess I get to be alone and isolated even longer. I had an appointment with "vocational rehabilitiation" today, but he required a state ID card, and I can't find mine for the life of me. So thanks for acting like it's no big deal to require an ID card, and ruining my life just a little bit more.

Trying to get melterns working with mineclone but it's not really feasible. mineclone only rates tools by their type, not the material they're made of, so a tool rod would have to increase "pickaxey" if it's part of a pickaxe, and increase "shovely" if it's part of a shovel. Which is STUPID. A diamond pick is better because it's diamond, not because it's more pickaxey!

Then in the mod, they have an "electric composter" which is a stunningly moronic idea written by someone who knows nothing about composting. Their idea is you can create compost faster, but there's an arbitrary electricity requirement, that you have to do more work and more maintenance in order to continue to provide. Would anyone ever use this mod, for any other reason than the mistaken assumption it actually does anything fun?

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Then the compost you get out of a composter doesn't actually make anything grow faster. You have to craft it together with dirt to get "garden soil" and then use that. Then the garden soil expires on a timer reverting to normal farming soil, which you could get by crafting a hoe and right clicking once. And it does so faster than a single crop can grow. (Crops also take several hours to grow.)

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