@icedquinn Well, I want to have a forum I can come to that isn't drowning in bots and propaganda. So, kinda screwed there.

I'd also like to find people who live near me who are cool...

@icedquinn I understand quantum superposition perfectly and I also have no idea what it is.

Of course the space around you would also accelerate in time, so you'd still arrive billions of years later by anyone else's reckoning. So anything you headed towards that was far enough away would burn out and decay as you approached it, faster the more length contraction you have. And it requires an inconceivable amount of energy. But it's something.

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I know I think is pointless and we're all doomed and no star travel is ever possible, but relativistic length contraction is a possible exception. You can't go past the speed of light, but the more energy you pour into acceleration, the more contracted the space around you becomes, in the direction you're accelerating. In theory if you accelerated close enough to the speed of light, then you would be able to just step from one galaxy to the next.

@icedquinn I wish you were right. From what I read, the "universe" on the other end of a wormhole is just a virtual mirror image projection. It would be cool if they found a white hole though I suppose.

@natecull Yeah, and realistically space mining will never work out, because it's just too expensive to get out of our gravity well, but we can't survive anywhere outside of its atmosphere. So I don't mind when Star Trek fans make a show about a simple fungal organism that evolved warp technology as a survival mechanism and colonized the galaxy long before us.

I want to go write stories, but there's 0 chance of anything ever coming of that, so I'll have fun, dream of something better, and then I'll be right back in the same hole that I started in. I don't wanna have fun I wanna have hope...

So uh... I don't really want to watch a show about a space probe doing nothing but drifting through space and beeping, and you can't hear the beeping because there's no atmosphere.

@natecull Well, according to astrophysics, FTL is impossible. We can't go on planets with a helmet because their atmospheres would almost all destroy us without heavy shielding. There are no aliens. We can't even live in a tin can floating in orbit of our own planet, much less plan extraplanetary or extrasolar expeditions, and no chance of space colonies. The universe will be explored only with robot and camera, very slowly without reward.

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I'm really hoping this time somebody will help out. I'm an autistic single parent going through a custody battle, trying to get my kid back, I'm unemployed "voluntarily" (it's not voluntary) so child support payments are calculated from an income I do not have. The next child support payment is Feb 6th, and it will be taken automatically from my already overdrawn account.

Please, please help me
my cashapp is $SorrelTyree and if you want something for your money, I can draw pretty damn well.

Projects might need to be downloaded, files might need to be copied, code might need to be generated, sources compiled, and libraries loaded. How do you get the order right of these things? I just can't wrap my head around it.

@Svantovit No I mean it's just sad that you think it's worth sharing. It's like the most retarded attack on antifa I can imagine. I guess it's worth posting if you're trying to support their movement?

@evelyn I was looking into using Go, and then I was like "Okay, so what significant advantages does this have over C?"


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@Svantovit That is the most completely inaccurate portrayal of antifa I've ever seen. It's like reading someone saying "Durr democrats hate it when people vote" or "Hurr capitalists never thought of using capital how stupid dumb they are."

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how ... is everybody here. sorry i haven't been around, been hiding out

@abundance Well I don't own property in New Mexico. Or... property at all really. But I get enough to eat and a roof over my head, so I guess I can't complain. I'd ask about yourself, but you already gave a pretty good update there! Not that we've known each other at all, but if I'm sure those who did were glad to see it.

You deserve to express yourself just as much as men by shopping for shit that you don't need. The more shoes you have the more you are! Smoke some freedom sticks, and demonstrate your power and independence by forcing those bad smelly men (and also yourself) to conform to sterile consumerist standards. Major in soft sciences, or go to beauty school, (and not STEM) just like you want! Read advertisement dumps marketed as women's magazines!

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Women of the world, you've won ! You now have the power to deny yourself sex! You can choose to cover yourself in shame now, in our modern feminist world! Reject your good friends, and you're just escaping potential disempowerment and rapes. You have the right to segregate yourself from men, and you can now safely be only sexually attracted to upper income males. Don't let those low income creeps take away your right to obey!

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