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The spring force is -kx, where x is the displacement. So if I have a spring that is 20cm at neutral with a stiffness (k) of 2kg, and I compress it to 10cm, the force pushing back is 2*10, or 20kg. If I compress it down to -10cm, the force pushing back is 2*30, or 60kg. The—wait, how is it possible to compress a spring to smaller than 0??

I wonder if isn't a blessing in disguise. When I'm hurting, and nothing feels right, (and frankly I think it might be something with my digestion) it's so much nicer to be able to stop being. My body creates me as a survival mechanism, I think, and when I can convince it to stop, then there's nobody to die. There's nothing precious being destroyed forever, nothing in here to lose hope, just a body busily getting ready to die in hopefully several decades.

@cassolotl d) let them know how long everything [etc.] and then ask if they meant you to call the cattery for today, or if they meant the friday of next week, and do all this a few days ago when they sent you the message.

@smeg You're shitting me. People are saying it's censorship when you personally choose not to use some website, and that website is still freely available to anyone else?

I like the idea of visual fingerprints, like for instance a program that I totally didn't take 12 hours straight to write just now, that uses files to generate pictures. This's the fingerprint for my public key.
But ultimately, a fingerprint can't be too simple or someone's gonna get it, and use that power to mess with you.

@minervissa Oh, well what happened is someone made a million keys until one of them happened to have the same short-form, so they could take someone's identity. The fingerprints are longer now, to make it less likely to find a collision like that. That's also why Tor only allows longer .onion addresses nowadays.

I would like to point out that there may be compelling arguments you would fight for someone's right to profit, but there has never been any time in all of recorded history where profit didn't make the rich richer, and the poor poorer. Ever. When you argue for privatization, that's what you're advocating. Richer rich people and poorer poor people. So please keep that in mind.

@minervissa If your identifier isn't a public key fingerprint, then other people can just take it. Then nobody will be able to tell if they're talking to you! Best you can do is use something like Facebook to limit it so only the super rich can take it, but that's kinda worse!

@jeffcliff Yeah, it's pretty nuts. Still, no virus will transmit faster or farther than the fastest and farthest person travelling around. I feel like they're not measuring anything because it'd impact their bottom line, more than just getting overwhelmed.

Post-block subtoot 

@faho But... fuck is... sexual assault...language...

An aggressive ooen letter to those who choose to cycle at night with no lights 

@celesteh The police will ticket you around here if you're riding a bicycle without a tail light.

But they have to find you first!! :ninjavanish:

@kerim Easy solution to that is to just have a big pit you toss 'em in instead of individual graves. It's economical!

@famine I'd surprised if you ever had to use someone else's computer, because disk space is so cheap that no "cloud" solution would even come close to competing with it, just from the cost of transmitting the data to them, and having a facility to store the disks in!

@jeffcliff Are children the primary vector for the virus? I was under the impression that it was commuters and business travellers, and migrant workers who were spreading it mostly. The people doing this are cruel child exploiting monsters, but can't we not worry about their petty delusions for a while?

@wolfie And of course in both cases, the rest of the money is invested in figuring out how to get you to pay more, while paying artists less, without you catching on.

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looking at the activities table in postgres i think i now understand why things like post search and that old prune old remote activities thing sucked ass

literally everything in here is stored as raw json data. what the fuck. this is why it’s dependent on postgres :notlikethisMiya:

@null B-but JSON is extensible! And flexible! And modern and not boring like relational databases which are for old grumpy people! And... inconsistent and opaque and slow and will break your code but don't think about that part.

My favorite is how they switched to use a 128 bit UUID for a primary key for activities and users... *for no reason.*

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I wish Canada’s healthcare generously and liberally included dental, glasses, drugs, physio, therapy, and massage.

And we had a strong public health program of housing and food and walkable neighborhoods for all.

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if the winners say the game is rigged, then they're hypocrites, but if the losers say the game is rigged, then they're just mad they can't win.

folks i think the game is rigged.

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