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Please remember that “carbon footprint” is a bullshit concept devised by fossil fuel companies to shift responsibility for climate change away from companies and on to individuals
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So this afternoon I witnessed three big security guys attack and handcuff a skinny guy who was like 100lbs soaking wet going through a mental breakdown.

It was scary and all sorts of fucked up. I hope the guy is okay, because if it messed me up, it certainly messed him up a thousand times more.

And while we’re here, ACAB and pls send cute animal pics.

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someone stole my wallet

had to call to cancel the cards and

it had my vaccination proof


I went downtown to find someone to have sex with!!!! this isn't my day.

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Demedicalize abortion. This is not the 1970s. Mifepristone + misoprostol pills are safe and effective. The majority of people seeking abortions are capable of using them without the involvement of healthcare professionals. Especially since the pandemic, abortion providers have been providing telehealth abortions by mailing pills, with no need for medical tests in most cases. Please boost.

gtk_list_item_set_child requires the child be a widget, therefore you cannot make a list item interface. Since they make you inherit from GtkWidget, there's no way to return some later slice of the structure. It has to only be at the beginning, for only single inheritance, and no interfaces... I think.

There's a horse paddock about a 15 minute walk west of here. I should have assumed the worst when the horses were taken away. Now there's a sign up asking "neighbors" to a hearing over whether to build more houses on top of it. Given the success of such projects in the past, I imagine in the hearing, neighbors will be allowed to stand there guiltily while the authority looks down their nose at them, then rubber stamps the project for developers.

OK I have a working grid view of aspects loading smartly from the database in a worker thread, now I just need to generalize that to a grid view of either aspects or profiles! *3 hours later* Why am I so bad at this...

It seems to me that isn't about mutuality, or aid. Not everyone has to contribute, so it's not mutual. And it doesn't have to be about aiding someone in need. What it seems to be is an activity that benefits everyone involved. If I make brownies for you, it's just charity. But if we make brownies for *us* then we can benefit together. We're both employee and customer. What do you call that? It's not mutual aid!

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@BobCollins I once worked for an American company that called their employees on vacation to fire them 😠

Went to the farmer's market today. It's sad that the only social activity available to me in my community is shopping. At least it's a chance to be around people, even though none of them know me.

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When I'm with my wife or daughter, people are like, "Ah, what a nice upstanding citizen!"

When I'm by myself, it becomes "Watch out for this potential asshole!"

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Are you lonely? Please boost, I'm lonely

protects the artists, in exactly the same way that protects the slaves.

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Ugh, I hate those mornings that I'm lying in bed depressed that even after global warming is causing such devastating impacts around our planet and then I get a phone call informing me that one of my oldest friends offed himself. C'est la vie or not. It could be worse I suppose.

So tired... can't figure out how activities get deleted but add a undo activity but not undo the undo and another year spent all alone. Why does it even matter if what I'm doing matters, if I never manage to do it? Years of my life lost on nothing. It'll work someday and it never does. I just... don't know any other way.

In here on the only the instances are allowed to use digital signatures, because public key encryption is considered too complicated for our simple computers to handle. Instead, our computers must handle SSL, which is... the exact same public key encryption, just with code added to stop you from using digital signatures.

In ActivityPub, "Create" and "Update" are exactly the same. The reason they have different names is the spec writers are jerks. They specify that only the thrice damned go-to-hell-for-coming-up-with-this client-to-server interface can be different between Create and Update, so if you write a sane client that says "fuck you" to those spec writers, then you'll still communicate with other instances just fine, if "Create" and "Update" differ only in name.

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@cy @wilbr The bluntest way to deal with propaganda is to highlight it (eg. automatic content warnings), educate people on how to identify it and have the capability to avoid or remove it with blocks and takedowns.

Propaganda typically plays tricks on the mind, by preying upon insecurities/fears and using half-truths to make lies more pallatable. Atomized individuals within neoliberal societies are particularly vulnerable, because they can be picked off one by one.

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my former employer is gonna marshall NYC pride less than a month after she announced she was leaving the org i used to work at because she was called out for tens of thousands of dollars of embezzlement ... im tired y'all

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