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Enoch Balthasar ๐Ÿ”€ @cybearpunk@mstdn.io

here tonight. I don't like the rain. Rain is a pain. No sleep to gain in the rain. Sometimes rain feels insane like a wild great dane. At least the dog is cute. Not the rain. Rain on a train in my mane. Maybe the rain doesn't like my mane.

A new instance has just gone up on @mastodon for amateur radio people. Check it out!


Seeing quite a few people come over to from the bird site. Rather cool!

Recent discussions on messenger apps and asking friends to adopt them. I am my own worst enemy. I keep changing apps like mad. I get bored with them easily. I have some amazing .

An interesting classic in feminism that is still relevant today despite the very dated pay levels given.

You know you're a social leper when even doesn't want you around! That's the . I think life is complete now.

Cooperatize Amazon
Cooperatize Banks
Cooperatize All Corporations
Try to make whatever business you're in democratically operated rather than a dictatorship of rich overpriveleged sociopaths that gets off on having money they can't spend (AKA capitalism)

If you start a new business, run it democratically, don't have employees, or don't start it.

Support candidates and legislation to democratize all workplaces.

Don't be fooled or distracted:

Go, German workers! It is good to see Amazon have so much crap dealt back to them after such an atrocious record. I refuse to buy from . My will not be replaced by another.


A cool list of instances on different fediverse networks. Awesome list! Via @Hamishcampbell


Thankful that 's students were all rescued from the flooded caves! They are all heroes lasting so long in such awful conditions. ๐Ÿค˜